Wine & Roses Quarter Horse Show


This weekend was show time!! My 2nd horse show post partum. I still feel wobbly up on top of that big guy, but I’m definitely getting stronger.

We competed in Showmanship and Hunter Under Saddle. We did terribly at showmanship (pictured above), but we took circuit champion in hunter under saddle woo woo!!!

We took this adorable good luck charm 🙂


She pretty much slept the entire time…


This horse show was split/combined. So each class that I was in had two judges. Each judge choses their placings separately. What that also means is that I only had to show 2 out of the 4 days since we don’t compete in the western events.

A typical horse show morning goes very similar to an average army day:

5:30 – Alarm goes off, shower, pull hair into a bun and makeup on.

6:00 – Get Harper up (kind of), feed/change/etc.

6:30 – Coffee in cup, go!

8:00 – Arrive at horse show, practice showmanship pattern with trainer

9:00 – Show starts, wait

9:30 – wait some more

10:00 – SHOW!

English usually follows the showmanship classes

On a typical day I usually leave the show at 1:00 or 2:00 and head home for lunch and a well deserved beer!

Harper throws a wrench into the mix, depending on her schedule. So we had to be flexible.


My mom carts around the stroller and hangs out with her while I show.


We’re looking forward to the day that she can ride. But enjoying the time we get to hold and cuddle her.





Army Paisley – Her Life Now

Long time no see… So over the last year I got a bunch of emails from soldiers who were getting ready to go to MIBOLC. They asked a lot of questions and also let me know how helpful this blog was. Happy to hear…. but I failed to respond because I was busy creating and then taking care of this ball of joy…


Not sure if you all knew that I was pregnant, but now you do. 


Harper – born June 24th, 2013 🙂


To say the least, it’s been crazy over here. She’s beautiful, wonderful, happy and smells like Heaven.


I’ll start posting different things about being a mom because that is now a new component to the life of Army Paisley.

Speaking of… I got promoted. I’m now a First Lieutenant. Nothing really has changed, but I just can’t mess up as much. I’ve been working on my OER for the past few weeks. That stuff is so fun. Not. It’s hard to remember all that you’ve done in the past year. Especially when you’re only at drill two days a month. Oh yeah and then add a pregnancy and a baby in the mix… Forget about it!

As for running, that has been very limited these days. If you’ve ever tried to run with a stroller you know what I mean. It’s just not the same. Baby starts crying and then you have to deal with that. Your 3 mile run just turned into 2 hours. I’m good. But, I am totally back at CrossFit. I’m pretty much sore all the time because of it. But it’s the best feeling. Well that, and just not being pregnant any more. Pregnancy blows.

Lastly… I’m also back at my civilian job. They are allowing me to exclusively work from home which is totally awesome. I’m constantly surprised at how lucky I truly am. I’m using my mom’s camera these days so I’ll start snapping more pictures of my life. I don’t know that it’s more interesting… just different. 

Keep sending me questions via email, I love hearing from all of you. 

armypaisley at gmail dot com 🙂


January Favorites

January marks one year since I went to BOLC. The blog has changed from a daily chronicle of my Army life, to a sporadic chronicle of my civilian life. My favorites are different than before, but they’re still fun for the inner-Army-barbie that I am.

1. Striped shirts from LOFT, I have recently bought this one:

I also bought another one from LOFT, but I can’t find it on the website. I also convinced my mom to buy the above shirt. She loves it. It goes really well with colored jeans, leggings and just plain jeans. Not to mention… LOFT always has sales going on. Today it’s 50% off everything in store!

2. Trader Joe’s Fruit Frenzy Popsicles (read a legitimate review of them here).

I could literally eat all 4 of them (whole box) in one night. I love them so, so much. Justin even understands my love affair with these delicious blocks of sugary-juice. My favorite is the lemonade flavor in the middle, but yet the raspberry on the bottom is the perfect texture, it’s hard to pick my favorite part. Ah, you must run out right now and buy several boxes. You won’t be disappointed.




Crash Course


Hey Guys!

It’s been a while, but I’m still alive. I’ve had a lot of life changes, as you’ll soon see, and have been working my tail end off! The pic above is me working on the job with one of my managers. Selling like crazy!!

But I have managed to get in good eats and workouts. Still the same girl, just not writing about it. In October I ran Nike’s Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. This was my 3rd year of running it. It was just as amazing as the last 2 years. I got to run it again with my good friend Julie.


The evening after running that race, I bought my very first “big girl car.” I said goodbye to the beetle and HELLO to a BMW!!


I’m still spending as much time as possible with this amazing guy.


We made one of many big life moves and got a puppy! The deal with the puppy was that I got to name her! I picked Annie 🙂


Annie has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. We’re happy to be her parents. Daily we’re amazed by how great of a dog she is.


In December I moved back to Northern California to be closer to the leading man in my life. Days are much easier and enjoyable now. Being 200 miles away from your leading man can be difficult. I’m much happier being in the same city with him. Long distance is difficult, I don’t wish it upon anyone. Even if it’s only 200 miles.


We grew up this year and got our very first Christmas Tree. We said, “go big or go home!” and came home with a tree that was slightly too large to decorate. But we made it work. It was beautiful and we enjoyed it well into January 🙂


In December Justin asked me to marry him! We couldn’t be happier 🙂


I told you I’ve been busy!

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas filled with TOO MANY family functions. But we made it work.


I had a blissful week off from work which I spent decorating our new home and relaxing on the couch. Many cups of tea were consumed. Several books were read. And countless bad tv episodes were watched. It was wonderful.


January has already been a whirlwind. I re-joined by old yoga studio. Zuda Yoga, which will always hold a place in my heart. One of the many places I missed about Sacramento. Life has become the simpler kind. Work, eat, sleep, yoga on the weekdays. Ride, errands, relax on the weekends. And, well, it’s not so bad.

I miss my college days. I miss my days in Arizona, but California is my home. And I went to college to get a job. So here I am.

How are you guys!? Any cool plans for 2013? What are your new year goals? How about fitness plans??

I’m planning on re-committing to yoga. Moving away from CrossFit for a bit to focus on yoga. Still CrossFit 1x per week, but more balance than before. I’m also shooting to go on a vacation this year… some where tropical. Justin and I have talked about a vacation for years. This year I’m saving up, it’s GOING to happen. 🙂

XO – Paisley

Bang Bang


How’s your weekend been so far? Mine has been very relaxing…

Yesterday was another great day at the range.


Did some great training. And competed in a shooting competition.


Of which I totally won. Not.

This morning was a bunch of this:


Which soon turned into this:


Why yes, of course that’s a keg.

Tonight is a BBQ to celebrate the end of annual training. I’m looking forward to getting home to see all my favorite faces.

I had some fun playing with my new photo editing app. Look at how young we were when we first started dating!!


Crazy! I think we have both made better hair choices since then.


The End is Near

Hey Guys! Happy Friday!!

I’ve been a very busy Lieutenant this week. Lead the convoy down to San Luis Obispo.


Took us over 9 hours. But we made it.

Did a 2 day exercise where I got to practice my military intel skills (wooo!!).


And yesterday I qualified on the M-4 rifle.


Been doing LOTS of reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.


Running through the hills of SLO at night. Enjoying the gorgeous sunsets.


And really just trying to make it to the end! Well… The end is near, my friends!!



Quickie Din-din!

The other night Justin and I had big plans of going out to eat.. But then life happened and going out seemed like a bigger ordeal than it was worth.

So instead… It was Mexican-night-in!

And whoever says that cooking takes too much time…? You’re all kinds of wrong! This meal took about 5 minutes and it cost as much as 1 meal at a restaurant.

I was so happy with the outcome, I knew I had to share with all of you, so here ya go!



1. Bottle of red

2. Pre-cooked chicken

3. Tortillas

4. Trader Joe’s guacamole kit

5. Chips

6. Frozen bell pepper mix

All this for only…$26.97!!


Dump bag of peppers/onions into pan on stove. Heat with some olive oil and seasonings. I did garlic, onion flakes and pepper.


While that’s cooking, mash 2 avocados and throw in some chopped tomatoes and onions + sea salt, garlic and lime juice. Snack on guacamole and chips while you wait for your guest. Or boyfriend.


Then warm up the chicken and viola!! Dinner is served!

I had my fajitas with just chicken and veggies. Justin did the real deal with tortillas. It was a quick, cheap and delicious meal!

Who says you can’t have gourmet on a budget and a time crunch? Not this girl!

And on the even brighter side… We got to enjoy an entire bottle — not just 1 glass!!

Happy Saturday!



Not Guilty

Last night I was feeling all out-of-whack. I haven’t really done much working out lately. I just feel kind of blah.

This morning I did my usual make breakfast, sit at my desk and read blogs — morning routine. The first 2 posts I read were pretty much parallel to how I’ve been feeling.

Kailey from SnackFace wrote:

Maybe reading blogs is a waste of time. Maybe writing blogs is a waste of time. But that’s sure not the case for me. I don’t even know Kailey, but surely it’s refreshing to see that other people feel the same as I do. “I don’t want to feel guilty for wanting to chill out sometimes.”

So last night, that’s exactly what I did. And that’s just fine by me.

With that I was feeling very loving/kind/generous/giving this morning. That never, ever happens. I think I’m sick.

I bought my TOC (army terms = group) doughnuts. 13 doughnuts for $9!?!?! Since when did doughy rounds of fat get so cheap!? Oh wait, we’re in Sierra Vista… duh.

Doughnuts are so good. I felt sick for 3 hours afterwards. But so worth it.

I’m pleased to say that this week is finally over with. I made it through MOD D. It’s funny because on Monday, when we were given our “MOD D week” instructions, I looked around at everyone’s faces and thought, “Oh my, this is going to be a rough week.” And that it was my friends. That. it. was.

Tonight I thought I was going to have to travel in my uniform. I’ve never done that before and I don’t feel comfortable with it. Luckily(?) my flight was delayed. That allowed me to go home, change and not have to rush. Nothing is worse than “almost” missing a flight. So here I sit. People watching all the strange people who are waiting for their planes to arrive.

Currently a child, on a leash, is throwing a full-blown tantrum on the floor. It’s so awesome. I look at those mothers and think… “Aw, that sucks… Glad I only have a niece.” A few of you know my stance on children. They’re much more enjoyable when you can give them back to their mom. Agreed? For now anyways. 🙂

Tahoe, are you ready? Not sure if I am. But I made it through the week. YESSSS! I think I need a beer.



I’m a Slogger


I had an amazing weekend with my Mom in Phoenix! I can’t wait to tell you about it!!

But for now… My days include overnight oats:


And too much iced coffee:


Oh and being in a class room for almost 12 hours. I’ll be back in the game soon. But for now, I’m a slogger. Slacker-blogger who is currently blogging from her phone.

Now that’s dedication.

XO – too busy/stressed/overwhelmed Paisley