Wine Lately


Hi guys!! I’m going to have to do some SERIOUS catching up…

So last weekend, not the one we just had (I know), but the one before… it was my birthday!!

I spent it with two of my favorite people: Justing and Nadine.


We went wine tasting!!


I joined two wine clubs. I know, livin’ large… right! And it was absolutely perfect. I won’t have to buy wine for a few months now. Wine for dinner? You got it!

Justin made me these ridiculously cute wine glasses for my birthday with my initials on them. I left them at his house… but I’ll show them to you soon. He’s so creative.

Monday after work my mom and dad took me out to dinner at my favorite Sacramento spot… Paesano’s!!


We split a pitcher of sangria, bruchetta and pizza. Yum! I was happy to see them.

Historically I’m usually away at training for the Army on my birthday. This was the first birthday in four years that I was in California. Thank goodness!!

And then Monday morning it was back to work!


I’m ok with that. I posted a few birthday cards at my office. That one talks to me. It tells me that drinking three gallons of wine is perfectly normal. It’s my favorite card, obviously.


Eats Lately…

I’ve been obsessed with smoked salmon on top of cream cheese and toast. Holy delicious! It’s a perfect combo of protein and carbs for breakfast.


I also snagged a bag of chia seeds at TJ’s… I’ve yet to find something that I really like that involves these weird little seeds… but we’re getting there. I’m thinking almond butter, banana wrap with some chia sprinkled in there… we’ll see.


I’m also back on a vitamin kick. These are the GNC Active Women’s vitamins. For whatever reason they keep me from feeling hungry all. day. long. HUGE fan… I can only take a few at a time and typcially forget to take them all by the end of the day. But I’m getting better. I know that vitamins are really important to take… so we’re getting there.



Since I barely have time to eat, I’ve only been doing CrossFit lately. I pack my gym bag every night and then head straight to the gym after work. I usually make it to the 7pm class which I’m thankful that my gym offers. Otherwise I’d be out of luck on the workout end. Todays workout was a toughie (when isn’t it?):

4 Rounds:

  • 20 ball slams (16 lb ball)
  • 20 crunches with the ball
  • 20 diamond push ups on the ball
  • run to the fence and back, with the ball

I finished in 14ish minutes. I’m getting back into the swing of things with CrossFit. It feels great to be back. The push ups were the hardest part for me. I had to break them up in sets of 5 to get them all done. And even go on my knees — yikes!! But my arms were still screaming despite my “modification”.

When I got home I cooked up a chicken apple sausage, protein shake and a large glass of wine.

Floors are mopped and vacuumed, counters are clean and sanitized… Now it’s time for some Grey’s Anatomy.

How was your weekend? Done any killer workouts lately? Ever get on cleaning sprees late at night?




4th Festivities

How was your 4th of July!?! Watch any fireworks? Attend a BBQ?? I did!!


To start the day off right, Justin and I went to Awful Annie’s for breakfast with his Momma and John. As soon as we told them where we were going, it didn’t take much to convince them to join!

I love catching up and hanging out with them. I had the mini breakfast: egg/bacon/cheese scramble with fruit and toast. Delish! I love their blackberry jam.

Next stop, my parents! Right away, I was craving some “seasonal ale” — Apricot Ale hit the spot!


We spent most of the day hanging out by the pool and just being a family.


Dad barbecued up some amazing steak and chicken. I helped myself to a small plate of everything.


And later I got to see this beautiful face!! NADINE! I was stoked that she was even MORE festive than me!?!


She arrived with the perfect gift… Army print go-girl and a “Her Wineness” sign for my apartment. Aw. She knows me oh too well.


I had a blast hanging out with this miniature person. Who, by the way, LOVES horses. You ask her, “Want to go feed Comet!?” She runs to her room and grabs her shoes and points to the door. You don’t have to ask her twice.


MommaG got her this rocking horse. She’ll jump up and down, rock back and forth on it – all day long. Love it. And check out her ridiculously cute outfit. Too much cuteness!

After a full day of swimming and golfing, these two were wiped out!


But… no time for sleeping, it’s fair time!!


With the whole family!


We brought our beers to go and snacked on bratwurst’s and kettle corn.


And stumbled upon dirt bike racing. At first I though, “how boring… they just drive around in circles!!?”


And then I saw these little guys… I’m a sucker for anything miniature. Dirt bike riders are no exception. They were probably all about 4-7 years old.


After the fair and some intense people watching, we hung out and ‘tailgated’ to wait for it to get dark so we could watch the fireworks.

Let’s talk about this people watching… I’m floored at the clothing “choices” that people “select” to “wear.” Many quotations to emphasize the sarcasm here. Another words, what the F*%$ are they thinking!?!? I was told several times, “Hayley — stop staring.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were many moments of gratitude. We’ll just leave it at that.


The fireworks were lovely. But I was pooped by the end of the night.

Today I was able to ride my horse and pack for my Army week of training.


Hanging out with all the “kids” — and eating leftovers.


Tonight is jet ski’s and country night!



Days Off

After working 7 consecutive days, I was VERY ready for a few days off. I tossed around the idea of going home to Sacramento… and decided to just go for it. I was in desperate need of seeing these faces…


Nadine, my G.I. Jane.


And J-man… the boyfriend.

We met up for Taco Tuesday. Guess what I ate? Tacos! Guess what we drank? Beer!

It’s been great living in San Jose… learning a new job and gaining new experiences. But sometimes it’s really tough being away from my favorite people.

The next morning I grabbed Starbucks and met with my favorite MommaG!


We had sushi, it was delicious!


I then took full advantage of Ann Taylor’s sale and got a new dress for my final interview (yes, this girl is job hopping).


I also paid a trip to Jared’s to get my ring re-sized. I have big hands, what can I say!


At 3:30pm I met Nadine at Rocklin CrossFit. They moved to a new location! It’s HUGE!!


It’s not quite done, but I’m so happy for them. Love the high ceilings and all the extra space.


And it was a blast being there with this girl!!


The workout:

800 meter run


3 Rounds:

15 plyo push ups

10 dead lift


800 meter run

I pretty much died. Of heat and weakness. It is so freaking hot here, made me very grateful for bay area weather. Yes I miss the people of Sacramento… but NOT the heat.

Nadine and I grabbed Jamba afterwards… I was stoked to see Jamba coconut water!! YES!


Later Jay and I got Thai food and sat on the patio. Look at all these frogs!


They get close to the light because that’s where all the bugs hang out… dinner time!



Today I worked on a business plan and met Justing for lunch. We couldn’t wait to dive into the sweet potato fries!


Can’t say that Jack’s Urban Eats does the best with the SP fries — but they did the job.

Tonight I’ll be meeting my dad for a belated father’s day dinner and then heading back to the bay. It was a great few days, and now it’s back to work! Hope you all had a fantastic week — tomorrow is YOUR Friday!!



Good Stuff

I love writing the Things I Love posts… but some of these things aren’t products. It’s just GOOD stuff. Stuff that happens in my life that doesn’t always find a spot in the blog. But definitely deserves one.

– Baby ducks. I spotted these guys on my way to breakfast the other day. So stinkin’ cute.


– Mexican ceaser salad. Never knew it existed…


– Copious amounts of honey dew. And I mean copious. This time I added some fro-yo to the top. I love that my work gives free food — which includes frozen yogurt.


– Chocolate mint water. I waited a very long time before I tried this stuff. But oh em geeee!!! It’s so amazing. It’s literally like drinking chocolate. I usually drink 3 every day I work. Chocolate wasted, anyone? ha…Oh and those shoes in the background. I finally got them fixed at the shoe repair store (there’s one right by my house)… and I’m probably going to wear them every day for a week. I’ve missed them. It’s like getting a new pair of shoes!


– Sitting outside at work on sunny days. The weather is so perfect. And I work in such a beautiful area. I’m a lucky girl.


– My new phone. And looking at that picture every time I use my phone. (Check out the weather… jealous??) hehe


– This guy. Many of you know me personally. With that, many of you know the history of Jay and I. Here’s the skinny… Girl meets boy at age 15. Girl and boy fall in love. Girl and boy fight like the Notebook. Girl and boy can’t stop loving each other. Girl and boy give up fighting. 7 years later… Girl and boy are happy.




What are you loving these days? 

Sunday Funday

I’ve been awake since 2am so I figured I’d use all my “free” time to fill you in on my amazing Sunday.

I woke up on Sunday morning and met Dianna at church.

When I got home, Nadine texted me that she was on her way over. We attempted to lay out by the pool, frankly… it was just too darn hot! Since the Loomis Brewery was closed, along with Carpe Vino… we pulled out our good friend Google: local wineries.

And oh boy, we hit the jackpot…


“Hey Mom… wanna go do a tasting with us?”

“Uh. YES.”


We tasted all the fabulous wines from the Dono dal Cielo winery.


It was beautiful.


And we shared a bottle of their Chardonnay.




And an amazing cheese platter. Bread, brie, salami, olives, figs, almonds and cranberries… yum!


When we got home… the golf clubs came out. What can I say, we were feeling classy…


Jay taught me how to golf hit a golf ball. He was impressed with my skills. I mean, I only lost ALL the balls… but that was over the course of hours. Oh and good thing we have a pool. I used it as my “target” –.



We feasted on BBQ chicken and steak, chipotle chips and salsa, and salad. With a side of Corona and Riesling.


An absolutely perfect Sunday if you ask me.


Now it’s time for me to hop in the shower. I have my first day of work this morning. I haven’t been able to sleep. I’m nervous, but I’m also worried that my alarm won’t go off. I’ll be done by 2:30… I anticipate some serious napping for this afternoon.

Happy Monday!!



Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, lovely, kind, supportive, funny and beautiful Mom’s out there… Just like MINE!

We started Mom-Day at church as a family.


I’m still in disbelief over how tall my brother is. I’m wearing heels in this picture and he’s STILL so much taller than me! When did that happen!?!

After church we took a family field trip to the grocery store. This…


Turned into this…


With the help of one sexy kid.


And a little of these!! Sweet potato wedges, eee!


And home made guacamole. YUM.


All the while I snacked on strawberries and almond butter.


While also enjoying a glass of Reisling (my new favorite) with the stunning woman herself!


Dylan and I were grilling masters. It was a definite team effort. I’d check the veggies with a fork and he’d flip em’.


All that hard work turned into this magic:


So much fun to be cooking again… other than with a crock pot! And even more fun to be cooking for my Mom and as a family!

Now I’m blogging and relaxing. Enjoying this beautiful (quite hot for May) weather on the patio.


I hope your Mom-Day was filled with love, family and happiness.



Army Thoughts

Today is proof that working out makes everything better in my life. Fact.

Mood. Energy. Happiness. All good stuff.

Today’s Army PT workout:

5 rounds:

  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 tricep dips
  • Run 1/3 mile

It was awesome. Except for the fact that I can barely do pull ups nowadays. But I’ll get them back in a few weeks when I start doing CrossFit regularly again. (EEEEE!!! 🙂 ) No worries over here!


My computer in class refused to allow me to access anything (powerpoint/Microsoft word) so there was a lot of hanging around for me. The techy-experts were in trying to figure it out which took roughly 3 hours. awesome. I love sitting around with nothing to do.

Frustration city.



Crock pot pork and brussels 😀 with tomatoes, goat cheese, olive mix (MommaG would be proud), arugula and goddess dressing. Couldn’t finish it. Couldn’t finish my oats this morning either. Food is uninteresting lately. (Not to mention, I’m so sick of these hideous plates/bowls. 2. more. weeks.)


Clean eats all over the place. Miss Jillian must be inspiring me. Or something? Or… Maybe that cute new bathing suit I got a few weeks ago?


Calves = tight, firey knots. Therefore, 6 miles was out of the question. Jillian took care of me. I was a sweaty mess after her little 20 minute workout. No wonder those ‘big loosers’ lose so much weight. She’s fantastic. I’m definitely a fan considering after the workout was done, I turned it off and flipped Glee on! At-home workouts may be a new thing for me. Me likey.

My Dad is cool. Like this is news to anyone. He sent me this picture:

I got those for him for Christmas. 54-years-old, does CrossFit AND stylish? Abso-freakin-lutely. Mom wears TOMS. And they wonder why I’m a shoe-addict. weird.

I want to cut my hair. Like, real bad… and be blonde again, like this:

But I don’t have the balls to do it. It’s taken me 3 years to grow out my hair. Then again… it’s super thin and damaged so why is it long, anyways?

Dancing at the wedding last weekend:

Darren and I are top left… I kinda love this picture.

Something to do/read:

Grocery lists of WHOLE FOOD and a workout you can do on a bench or chair!



Weekend Wrap – Finally

This post is long overdue. I get that.

A brief synopsis of the last 3 days: 5am wake up, PT, shower/shove food down, class by 8am, 10 minutes to inhale lunch, leave class by 6pm (if I’m lucky), eat, sleep. I’m not even kidding. It’s the worst week of BOLC thus far. The days go by fast, but they’re a lot of work and I’m constantly rushing. I have 2 days left and I can’t wait until this part of training is over with.

Well… onto the fun stuff!!

Saturday morning I woke up to all my running stuff ready to go:


I planned on 12 miles, but only made it to 7. Ya know, sometimes you just have to say, “Okay then… today just isn’t my day.” Truthfully, my quads and hip was hurting – more than the normal “I don’t really feel like running” situation. So, I didn’t push it. I did what I could and I was fine with that.


The running trail was really pretty. I researched a trail in Phoenix that was close to the Air Force base.


It was really pretty and even had fields… that were GREEN! Phoenix is strange in that there will be random horse properties mixed into neighborhoods. That’s not really how California works. But, I did enjoy looking into everyone’s back yards and the new scenery. I just didn’t enjoy the killing pain in my hip.

At 11am I picked up MommaG!! And we went straight to the wine bar… obviously!


We walked around downtown Scottsdale for a bit and then headed to the mall… for a “teeny” bit of shopping. hehe 😀


Got shoes??


More wine at The Culinary Dropout. It’s a trend, I promise. Anytime I’m with people from home… The wine glasses start a-comin’ !


Culinary Dropout was recommended by several people. So we gave it a try. We loved people watching all the “step-fords” as we called them… Ladies in their 30s decked out in dresses, full blown make up/hair and heels… While their husbands sported jeans and a t-shirt. Interesting, right?

The restaurant was awesome. MommaG and I both agreed that we could have done without the BLARING music. We had to YELL at each other from across the table. Oh well.


These chandeliers were all over the place. I’m a sucker for a fancy lamp.


We started with some meat and cheese appetizers. Prosciutto and parmesan… (they had fancier names, but that’s what I requested — In simple food terms). The bread and olive oil was out of this world. And I mean… I’ve had some great bread before.


Dessert: salted carmel custard. Ohmygoodness. Hence the blurry picture — I was that excited about it. That’s carmel corn on the top. I felt full until the following afternoon. Ridiculousness.

The next morning was Easter Sunday! MommaG was completely enamored by the size of these cacti… I insisted on her taking a picture with one! Oh and look how freaking cute she is in her TOMS!! AHHH! love it.


On our way to church was were desperately searching for a Starbucks. The hotel didn’t offer an Easter breakfast. What’s wrong with them, right??

I got my famous oatmeal and iced coffee. Duh.


This was the church we went to. It was awesome. So glad I did my research before hand. MommaG was a big fan as well. Score!


Our only picture together from the weekend… Thanks to a random stranger.


After church we did in true Easter tradition… Bloody Mary’s. (Definitely not a tradition, but neither is Phoenix.)

Why don’t I drink these more often? They’re so darn good.


And this beast of a salad. Pesto dressing? Couscous? Holy macaroni!


Then we wandered around Tempe and found this awesome wine bar:


We sat outside and talked about dreams, nightmares, ambitions, intuitions, etc… not really. MommaG totally got hit on my 5 college dudes. It was awesome. They asked to buy her a drink. We declined. But posted on Facebook about it. I mean, after all… that’s why we all have a Facebook, right? To brag and complain?

Then we bounced over to La Grande Orange, another place that was recommended to me. And oh my gosh… Look for yourself:



Seriously people? Mom and I split an apple oatmeal cookie and each got a coffee.


Big coffee for me… and teeeeeeny coffee for MommaG. 😀


Afterwards we stopped at Sunflower Market so I could pick up some groceries for the week. And then I had to take her to the airport. We had been dreading this since before I picked her up. It was sad to say goodbye, but soo good to see her. I’m such a blessed girl to have such a wonderful Mom. I think about this often. I didn’t get to pick my parents, but wow… I would pick them over and over again if I had to.

I can’t say enough good things about my mom, but my favorite is how supportive, loving and kind she is. I hope to be 1/2 of the Mom she is one day.

And then I drove 3 hours and it was back to the daily grind…


2 more days and I get to enjoy ANOTHER weekend! Thank God for that.

Since I’ve been so busy there’s been zero working out (other than morning PT) and eating oatmeal and salads for every meal. Super exciting.

Next week I’ll be back in action. Until now, run a few miles for me — will ya?


Paisley 🙂

Snowy Desert Randomness

I said that I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it. Well. I saw it today.


We did PT in the snow this morning. Granted, it wasn’t full on snowing, but there were snowflakes on my jacket. That’s snowing in my book.

It was so cold this morning that I literally gasped at one point. The wind blew and it shocked me because it felt like needles were stabbing my face. Because of this cold weather, PT was pretty lame… You can’t do very much when virtually every part of your body is on the verge of frost bite. dramatic. And I can use the word “freezing” because my car thermometer told me so.

I was also informed that the heater works in my room. The AC doesn’t, but the heater does. Go figure. That thing is cranking this morning.

This weeks workout plan:

Mon – 8 miles/Ab workout

Tue – 4 miles/CrossFit

Wed – 5 miles

Thur – 4 miles/CrossFit

Fri – 3 miles/Ab workout

Sat – Rest

Sun – Arizona Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon!!

This morning I ventured out and tried something new for breakfast. When I say “new” I mean a different brand than normal.


Love Grown Granola. Snackface is obsessed with this stuff.

And now I know why. Gluten free, cinnamon-y, crunchy amazeballz.


I also picked up something new last night at Fry’s: Coconut/Almond milk blend. Yeah, it exists.


In case I didn’t emphasize my happiness last night… MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT ME. And this is how our conversation went:


All I had to do was lure her with Lululemon. If only I had known it would have been that easy — I would have done that a loooong time ago.

It’s Monday!! (And I hate Monday)…

I guess this one is a little less angry…

Since I’m not one to go all  optimistic on a Monday, I turn to alcohol sweat instead:

This will be my “CrossFit” portion of tonights workout.



Miss You

I have an amazing family.

They’re funny, fun, smart, loving, supportive, happy, healthy… You get the idea.

My Dad just joined the “cool club” and got facebook.

His posts are already hilarious, just as I’d hoped:

My niece is growing like a WEED!

But most of all, I’m proud of them.

Today I’m proud of my brother.

He just passed the barber school exam a few days ago and he already got a job!

Good job D-Man!

Being away from family is rough. They’re celebrating. And I’m here.

But I’m still proud of him and thinking of them. So in celebration I had a protein shake and chocolate for dinner.

Doin’ it big.