4th Festivities

How was your 4th of July!?! Watch any fireworks? Attend a BBQ?? I did!!


To start the day off right, Justin and I went to Awful Annie’s for breakfast with his Momma and John. As soon as we told them where we were going, it didn’t take much to convince them to join!

I love catching up and hanging out with them. I had the mini breakfast: egg/bacon/cheese scramble with fruit and toast. Delish! I love their blackberry jam.

Next stop, my parents! Right away, I was craving some “seasonal ale” — Apricot Ale hit the spot!


We spent most of the day hanging out by the pool and just being a family.


Dad barbecued up some amazing steak and chicken. I helped myself to a small plate of everything.


And later I got to see this beautiful face!! NADINE! I was stoked that she was even MORE festive than me!?!


She arrived with the perfect gift… Army print go-girl and a “Her Wineness” sign for my apartment. Aw. She knows me oh too well.


I had a blast hanging out with this miniature person. Who, by the way, LOVES horses. You ask her, “Want to go feed Comet!?” She runs to her room and grabs her shoes and points to the door. You don’t have to ask her twice.


MommaG got her this rocking horse. She’ll jump up and down, rock back and forth on it – all day long. Love it. And check out her ridiculously cute outfit. Too much cuteness!

After a full day of swimming and golfing, these two were wiped out!


But… no time for sleeping, it’s fair time!!


With the whole family!


We brought our beers to go and snacked on bratwurst’s and kettle corn.


And stumbled upon dirt bike racing. At first I though, “how boring… they just drive around in circles!!?”


And then I saw these little guys… I’m a sucker for anything miniature. Dirt bike riders are no exception. They were probably all about 4-7 years old.


After the fair and some intense people watching, we hung out and ‘tailgated’ to wait for it to get dark so we could watch the fireworks.

Let’s talk about this people watching… I’m floored at the clothing “choices” that people “select” to “wear.” Many quotations to emphasize the sarcasm here. Another words, what the F*%$ are they thinking!?!? I was told several times, “Hayley — stop staring.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were many moments of gratitude. We’ll just leave it at that.


The fireworks were lovely. But I was pooped by the end of the night.

Today I was able to ride my horse and pack for my Army week of training.


Hanging out with all the “kids” — and eating leftovers.


Tonight is jet ski’s and country night!




Days Off

After working 7 consecutive days, I was VERY ready for a few days off. I tossed around the idea of going home to Sacramento… and decided to just go for it. I was in desperate need of seeing these faces…


Nadine, my G.I. Jane.


And J-man… the boyfriend.

We met up for Taco Tuesday. Guess what I ate? Tacos! Guess what we drank? Beer!

It’s been great living in San Jose… learning a new job and gaining new experiences. But sometimes it’s really tough being away from my favorite people.

The next morning I grabbed Starbucks and met with my favorite MommaG!


We had sushi, it was delicious!


I then took full advantage of Ann Taylor’s sale and got a new dress for my final interview (yes, this girl is job hopping).


I also paid a trip to Jared’s to get my ring re-sized. I have big hands, what can I say!


At 3:30pm I met Nadine at Rocklin CrossFit. They moved to a new location! It’s HUGE!!


It’s not quite done, but I’m so happy for them. Love the high ceilings and all the extra space.


And it was a blast being there with this girl!!


The workout:

800 meter run


3 Rounds:

15 plyo push ups

10 dead lift


800 meter run

I pretty much died. Of heat and weakness. It is so freaking hot here, made me very grateful for bay area weather. Yes I miss the people of Sacramento… but NOT the heat.

Nadine and I grabbed Jamba afterwards… I was stoked to see Jamba coconut water!! YES!


Later Jay and I got Thai food and sat on the patio. Look at all these frogs!


They get close to the light because that’s where all the bugs hang out… dinner time!



Today I worked on a business plan and met Justing for lunch. We couldn’t wait to dive into the sweet potato fries!


Can’t say that Jack’s Urban Eats does the best with the SP fries — but they did the job.

Tonight I’ll be meeting my dad for a belated father’s day dinner and then heading back to the bay. It was a great few days, and now it’s back to work! Hope you all had a fantastic week — tomorrow is YOUR Friday!!



Saturday Surprise

Yesterday I woke up to a case of the “I don’t wanna go to work”‘s … You know. The no-make up, casual clothes wearing kind of day. And so that’s what I did.


I got lucky because the kitchen at work had just been stocked when I got there. Spoiled, I know.


And a Sub… Turkey/bacon/avocado. Omg, yes. Oh and those are definitely TOMS… told ya it was a casual day.


While at work I was surprised by the news… J said he’d come hang out for the night!! I already had plans with my Aunt to go to Dancing on the Avenue in Willow Glen — So we all went!

This is Justin staring at cooking meat. Grilling, smoking, BBQing meat. We’re so soul mates.


Walk away from the food…


Dancing on the Avenue was a blast. It was pretty much a bunch of people eating, drinking and dancing. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a perfect Saturday afternoon in my book. As time goes by, I’m becoming more and more in love with my new city. I love that there always seems to be something fun like this to do. I learned that they have music in the park every Thursday night. My aunt said you can bring your own food and wine… I’m so in.


Speaking of wine…

I often try and buy new-to-me, inexpensive wines. I’ll buy a few at a time and then it’s like a wine tasting at home! I’ve found some really great, affordable wines this way. My mom calls us “label girls” because the cutest label wins!!

A few weeks ago I snagged a bottle of Liberte Cab. I opened it the other night when Jacqueline and I were decorating the apartment. We were both surprisingly pleased with it. It was a very smooth red. A little fruity, yet dark…. Just the way I like em’. hehe You can read a full review of it here.

Hope you all have an amazing Sunday. Snag a bottle of Liberte from Trader Joe’s — you won’t be disappointed!




Yesterday, Dianna and I finally found the time to get together for coffee. By 10:00, I couldn’t wait any longer… and had to snag an iced coffee and bran muffin.


This coffee cup she got me was VERY fitting.


I felt like I was intruding on the mommy-n-me day at Peet’s though. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many children in a coffee shop in my entire life. None of them ran into me, or hit me, so it was a good time.

In true Dianna fashion, she got me a big goodie bag filled with all work-related items. These sticky notes are my favorite!


And I LOVE that everyone knows of my bird/owl obsession. Most of you have seen my bird tattoo, but I also love owls because they are the Chi Omega symbol. And they’re stinkin’ cute!!


I’m thankful for my friendship with Dianna. I’m glad that no matter what, I always fit into her “season” of life. Married, babies, hard times, good time, busy times… isn’t that the point of being friends? Fitting each other into LIFE… because they’re important to you? Am I alone on an island here?

We also took a stroll down to Anthropologie. Dianna bought the same candle that I got my mom for Mother’s Day. Why yes, I DO have great taste!

I spent the rest of the day with my brother. Unfortunately no pictures were taken. We snagged his golf clubs from storage and rocked out to Rack City with the beetle top down. Perfect Tuesday?

Whey Jay-Bob got off work, we headed to the local driving range… Instead of doing what we planned… driving, we played a game of snag golf.


It’s a mix of mini golfing and regular golfing. AKA: a really good time. The clubs are giant. And you hit a golf-ball-replica tennis ball. It’s supposed to help your game at golf… Jay said that it was pretty hard, so I’m assuming that was the case. Don’t judge my perfect golfing form. I know I’m going pro any day now.


I on the other hand, had a blast no matter what… Improve my golf game? Eh… “Snag Golf” includes the word “golf” — therefore, I’m a HAPPY camper!


Jay’s perfect form…



And the balls are velcro so they “STICK” to the yellow things when you make a shot.


After a game of snag golf, we ran 3.5 miles all around Newcastle. We almost got eaten by several dogs AND hit by idiotic drivers who think it’s a good idea to SPEED UP when passing runners. But we made it home — alive.

Dinner at the local italian restaurant: Tre Pazzi Trattoria. They close at 9pm and were more than happy to accomodate us — even though we got there at 9!!


Red for him, white for me.


We split the tortellini and chicken.


I’m never disappointed when I eat there. The servers are always personable, helpful and kind. And the food is out of this world!

My work schedule was changed. WOOOOO!!!! So… now I’ll be attending the infamous “Houseboats 2012” with this cray-cray:


Today is nike workouts, laundry and copious amounts of Grey’s Anatomy. Duh.


Happy Hump-Day!



Sunday Funday

I’ve been awake since 2am so I figured I’d use all my “free” time to fill you in on my amazing Sunday.

I woke up on Sunday morning and met Dianna at church.

When I got home, Nadine texted me that she was on her way over. We attempted to lay out by the pool, frankly… it was just too darn hot! Since the Loomis Brewery was closed, along with Carpe Vino… we pulled out our good friend Google: local wineries.

And oh boy, we hit the jackpot…


“Hey Mom… wanna go do a tasting with us?”

“Uh. YES.”


We tasted all the fabulous wines from the Dono dal Cielo winery.


It was beautiful.


And we shared a bottle of their Chardonnay.




And an amazing cheese platter. Bread, brie, salami, olives, figs, almonds and cranberries… yum!


When we got home… the golf clubs came out. What can I say, we were feeling classy…


Jay taught me how to golf hit a golf ball. He was impressed with my skills. I mean, I only lost ALL the balls… but that was over the course of hours. Oh and good thing we have a pool. I used it as my “target” –.



We feasted on BBQ chicken and steak, chipotle chips and salsa, and salad. With a side of Corona and Riesling.


An absolutely perfect Sunday if you ask me.


Now it’s time for me to hop in the shower. I have my first day of work this morning. I haven’t been able to sleep. I’m nervous, but I’m also worried that my alarm won’t go off. I’ll be done by 2:30… I anticipate some serious napping for this afternoon.

Happy Monday!!



Days Like These

Do you ever look at something you have and think to yourself, “Man… I still REALLY love ______.” –?

I had that thought about my car the other day.


I was driving around, doing some errands. I got to a stop light and decided it was perfect “top down” weather. I quickly pushed the button — just in time to drive off as soon as the light turned green. And then as I was driving, I thought… I literally have every little girl’s dream car. Why would I want a new car when I have a perfectly great, no-payment, GOOD, car!?!

And then… I no longer wanted a new car. I came home and washed it. Because I love the things that I already have.

I often find myself wishing/wanting the next best thing. The “new” Lululemon tank top. Or the “new” Nike shoes. Or the “new” Michael Khors bag… it’s absolute madness! As May comes to an end (kinda)… and June begins, I’m going to name June “appreciation month.” I want to focus on the “stuff” I already have and appreciate what I have… With that, no shopping. No “new” must haves.

After washing my girly car, I made a girly lunch:


Grilled turkey burger on top of mixed greens, mushrooms, goat cheese, strawberries and goddess dressing.

Friday night my Mom and I found ourselves sharing a cheese plate… at Carpe Vino.


Somehow I’ve managed to find amazing wine bars in every town that I’m in. This one is in Auburn, my parents home town. The atmosphere is perfect with a side of country. It’s a mix of young and old with a fabulous selection of wine and food. I’ve only ever gotten their “bar food” — because I focus on the wine, of course. They even serve truffle popcorn!

Mom and I split a bottle and then J came and met us there. We then proceeded to share a few more glasses…

That night I also got a call from work. Turns out I start on Monday and not in a few weeks. I’m slightly bummed about this only because I was enjoying the relaxation time. But, it will be nice to start making money again. So I can afford purchases like beer towers.


Cause that’s normal and everything.

Saturday night I hung out with Danger. We did a pub crawl down town. We did less crawling and more pubbing if you know what I mean.


And my good friend Danielle from college came out. So good to see her! Her and the boyfriend were so happy for me about my job and were instantly offering my contacts of friends in the area. I really have the best friends.


I’m super behind on blogs, but that was part of my weekend. To be continued…




Today involved too much cuteness.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Stephanie and I paid a visit to the pet store and got to play with puppies and kittens. I was in animal heaven.

The cocker spaniel was my favorite. She looks JUST like my childhood dog, “Penny.” My parents got Penny when my mom was pregnant. And she lived for 13 years!

We also got well-deserved pedicures and had lunch at the Greek restaurant. I had a gyro pita. Yum!

It was the best 4 hours of the entire week.

Afterwards I started packing.


Let me repeat myself… I STARTED PACKING!! It feels like not too long ago I was packing to come here!


Totally surreal.

It’s looking like I’ll be able to fit everything. Barely. Good thing I lugged a bunch of stuff home 2 weeks ago. I’d have a hefty UPS bill if I hadn’t.

Tonight I’m laying low because this weekend is a fitness extravaganza!!

In the morning I’m going to Tucson’s CrossFit Works… for the first time. I figure it’s fitting. You know, visit a CrossFit gym during my 16th weekend (last) here.

I decided that I NEED one of these:

And so does Dianna.

Because we have a growing collection of traveling CrossFit t-shirts. And I’ve yet to re-pay her the favor. 🙂

Oh. And she’s picking me up from the airport — again. Because she thinks I’m awesome.

I’ll also be doing a sunset run with Steph tomorrow night. We’re thinking Rillito river or Sabino Canyon.

Sunday is the Warrior Dash.

I hear it’s kinda cool? We’ll see… Mud and obstacles… the new fitness craze these days.

Something I love: