Army Paisley – Her Life Now

Long time no see… So over the last year I got a bunch of emails from soldiers who were getting ready to go to MIBOLC. They asked a lot of questions and also let me know how helpful this blog was. Happy to hear…. but I failed to respond because I was busy creating and then taking care of this ball of joy…


Not sure if you all knew that I was pregnant, but now you do. 


Harper – born June 24th, 2013 🙂


To say the least, it’s been crazy over here. She’s beautiful, wonderful, happy and smells like Heaven.


I’ll start posting different things about being a mom because that is now a new component to the life of Army Paisley.

Speaking of… I got promoted. I’m now a First Lieutenant. Nothing really has changed, but I just can’t mess up as much. I’ve been working on my OER for the past few weeks. That stuff is so fun. Not. It’s hard to remember all that you’ve done in the past year. Especially when you’re only at drill two days a month. Oh yeah and then add a pregnancy and a baby in the mix… Forget about it!

As for running, that has been very limited these days. If you’ve ever tried to run with a stroller you know what I mean. It’s just not the same. Baby starts crying and then you have to deal with that. Your 3 mile run just turned into 2 hours. I’m good. But, I am totally back at CrossFit. I’m pretty much sore all the time because of it. But it’s the best feeling. Well that, and just not being pregnant any more. Pregnancy blows.

Lastly… I’m also back at my civilian job. They are allowing me to exclusively work from home which is totally awesome. I’m constantly surprised at how lucky I truly am. I’m using my mom’s camera these days so I’ll start snapping more pictures of my life. I don’t know that it’s more interesting… just different. 

Keep sending me questions via email, I love hearing from all of you. 

armypaisley at gmail dot com 🙂



The Long Awaited Trip Home

My car spent some time in the shop.


And then she spent some time at the shower.


Why? Because my time in Arizona had come to an end. And I will no longer be driving the rental car… which I’ll dearly miss. Seriously… the new 2012 ford focus is an awesome car. I retract all negative statements I’ve made in regards to Ford… they stepped up their game this year.

On January 2nd, I boarded a plane that brought me to the sunny state of Arizona.

On May 3rd, I boarded a plane that brought me back to the (currently raining) state of California.

Before I could do that though, us Lieutenants had to clean all our gear.


We turned it in, processed our paperwork, graduated and off we went.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of graduation. Let’s just say I wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. Pictures were the last thing on my mind.

I pretty much despised 90% of my classmates, therefore making memories was also not a priority of mine.

Steph and I… Tucson bound!! One last trip to Wilko was a necessity before I could leave my love, Tucson.


A big plate of cheese!


We got to bed early and prepared to reunite with the most important people in our lives.

I was so excited when that plane finally hit ground in Sacramento.

I told you I’d be able to fit all my crap back into my bags… Barely.


Today I’ll get to see my family for a few hours and then it’s right back to Army land… only California style this time!

I’m home. She’s baaaaaaaaack!!


California Paisley 😀

One of the BEST

This week is going to be one of the best weeks. BECAUSE I’M GOING HOME!!! I’m smiling to tears at writing this. I’m so excited that it’s becoming emotional.

This morning I danced in front of a mirror. I was like a little kid. It finally hit me. I’m done!

I’m continually packing. Packing is a time of transition for me. I can’t help but think of all the many more experiences I’ve yet to experience. I wonder… where will I travel to next? Where will the Army take me over the next 5 years? Who/what will I be in 2 years? It’s accomplishing goals that spurs these thoughts.

BOLC is my last hurdle in my 6 year plan that I set up for myself when I was 16 years old. I decided roughly what I wanted my life to look like and it’s been such a blessing to experience the highs and lows of it all.

For those of you who don’t know… My life has looked a little like this:

16 years — graduate high school

17 years — start Jr. college

18 years — Enlist in the Army

19 years — graduate with my AA, graduate basic & AIT (boot camp), move out of my parents, start at UC Davis

20 years — Start OCS

21 years — graduate college, commission to become an officer, complete basic officer leadership course

What’s next? Big girl job. Interview is on Tuesday. This girl doesn’t waste any time.

Thinking: “You must make your choices one at a time, since each is contingent upon the decision that precedes it. Instead of trying to create a mental map of your path through this day, focus on My loving presence with you. I will equip you as you go, so that you can handle whatever comes your way. Trust Me to supply what you need when you need it.”

My word is a lamp to your feet and a light for your path.”



Warrior Dash 2012

Saturday AM = CrossFit Works in Tucson

Um hi sexy coach Chris. And hi bad ass gym. Why didn’t I come here sooner!?!? ugggggg! It was so much fun! I was there for 2 hours. “Okaaaay. Now we’re going to do cleans. Okay now we’re going to do a ‘test’. Okay now go run 800 meters. Tired yet?”

I’m beyond sore. But I think I’m just weak because I seem to ALWAYS be sore these days.

But yah, CrossFit Works is fantastic. And it’d definitely be my box if I lived in Tucson. But I don’t, so at least I got to enjoy it ONCE while I was here. A great way to finish off my glorious Tucson weekends.

After CrossFit I checked into my hotel, showered and went out to do what I do best… shop. I needed to make a special trip to Trader Joe’s for Ryan. I mean, the guy is fighting a war in Afghanistan. It’s the least I could do.


I’m still LOVING my hair. And finally got to wear my new yellow shirt that I got in Phoenix with my mom.

I also saw Safe House, the movie. With Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Um… hello sexy man!

Yes. Please.

Sunday Morning = Warrior Dash!!

As every good morning does, it started with a coffee.


And running clothes. I stuck with black. It tends to do better in the mud… ha.


If you look really close, you can see my “CrossFit hickey’s” from the barbell. OUCH.

After some minor navigation issues, Philip and I made it to the race. Barely!

The run was a blast. There was a TON of obstacles. And everyone around us was having a really great time. I loved the energy and motivation. The costumes were fun too!

After crawling though 2 feet of mud… my shoes had seen better days. I was perplexed. To throw away, or not. I decided to chuck them. I added to this monstrous pile! Gross, right?


And so it was… hot and muddy.


Warrior Dash was awesome. They might of had me at “free beer” — but the mud was fun too.


After being pressure washed by fire hoses. Literally. We paid a visit to my favorite, In N Out. And yeah… I ate the WHOLE bun. Kill me.


Super cool souvenir… a wrist band. It’s like I went to a club.


And the shirt is awesome!!


Now I’m putting together the Afghanistan packages.


And eating copious amounts of cookie butter.


Because it tastes like cookies. And butter. And my goal is to be 200 lbs. Obviously.


Because I’ve heard that I’m “0% body fat. And one big muscle with twigs for arms.” Love ya too, bullies!

Mud runs are a blast. But it’s not so fun digging mud out of unspeakable locations. And wringing mud out of your Lululemon shorts… yah I just cringed a little bit too.


Muddy Paisley


Today involved too much cuteness.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Stephanie and I paid a visit to the pet store and got to play with puppies and kittens. I was in animal heaven.

The cocker spaniel was my favorite. She looks JUST like my childhood dog, “Penny.” My parents got Penny when my mom was pregnant. And she lived for 13 years!

We also got well-deserved pedicures and had lunch at the Greek restaurant. I had a gyro pita. Yum!

It was the best 4 hours of the entire week.

Afterwards I started packing.


Let me repeat myself… I STARTED PACKING!! It feels like not too long ago I was packing to come here!


Totally surreal.

It’s looking like I’ll be able to fit everything. Barely. Good thing I lugged a bunch of stuff home 2 weeks ago. I’d have a hefty UPS bill if I hadn’t.

Tonight I’m laying low because this weekend is a fitness extravaganza!!

In the morning I’m going to Tucson’s CrossFit Works… for the first time. I figure it’s fitting. You know, visit a CrossFit gym during my 16th weekend (last) here.

I decided that I NEED one of these:

And so does Dianna.

Because we have a growing collection of traveling CrossFit t-shirts. And I’ve yet to re-pay her the favor. 🙂

Oh. And she’s picking me up from the airport — again. Because she thinks I’m awesome.

I’ll also be doing a sunset run with Steph tomorrow night. We’re thinking Rillito river or Sabino Canyon.

Sunday is the Warrior Dash.

I hear it’s kinda cool? We’ll see… Mud and obstacles… the new fitness craze these days.

Something I love:



Counting My Lasts

Last weekend I was talking to my family about my Arizona life. Courtney told me that I’ve done an amazing job of making poop sparkle. The rest agreed. Geee… thanks.

I hadn’t thought of it that way until then. But they’re right. And I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve been able to turn a some-what (actually, very) crappy situation into a good time. Overall I’ve had a blast here. I’ve been able to explore several cities. Take a few trips home and to San Diego. I’ve met new friends. Bought some awesome stuff/clothes. Learned how to adjust my fitness goals. And practiced writing.

As my time here comes to an end, I’m starting to count my “lasts”…

1. My last box of Keurig k-pots


During one of my first weekend Costco trips, I decided that in order to ensure happiness at BOLC — I NEEDED a Kuerig. I was concerned about dropping so much money on a coffee maker. But decided it was worth it because it ensured flawless coffee for the next 4 months. And oh my gosh, I was right on the money with this one.


I love my Keurig and I totally support spending money on good, FAST coffee — the kind that doesn’t involve driving to and waiting in a line to pay $4 for… ahem, Starbucks. I can make it hot or iced. I can pick the size/strength. I can make tea. And all I have to do is push a few buttons. No grinds or crazy cleaning hassles to deal with. I love it. And the 60 k-pots that came with it was pretty much the exact amount that I needed. If it could brew beer, I’d probably marry it. The only problem is that I’m going to have to lug or ship this sucker home! I can see it now… To the southwest customer service: “Please be careful with that suitcase, because it has my Keurig in it!”

2. Last few ruck marches

This one I’m not going to miss. I’ve never been a fan of lugging around a bunch of weight on my back. I have a hard time breathing and my legs are short. Enough said. Every time I think about my short legs I instantly think of my Dad. He thinks this attribute of mine is very comical considering he’s the one who gave them to me. Thanks a lot, stubs!

Also, rucking a backpack instead of a ruck is not normal. Nor is in comfortable or logical. And 2ish miles really doesn’t deliver any fitness benefits. Therefore, Wednesday morning is a wash. I only have one more and I’m not sad to see them go.

This morning was one of those legendary ruck marches. I kept moving my legs. And with every step I thought, “I only have to do this one more time.”

3. Last few weekends

I only have two of them left. It’s bitter sweet. My weekends here have been my Heaven. I look forward to them and put a lot of thought and planning into them. I usually spend them alone which is peaceful and enjoyable for someone who spends most of her weekdays surrounded by people and constant talking.

This weekend I only get one day due to my dreaded staff duty. I asked Stephanie to join me in a Tucson day trip. I’m looking forward to enjoying Tucson for one last (maybe) time before I jet back home. There will be running, pedicures, lunch, grocery shopping and exploring involved… all key ingredients to an Army Paisley weekend.

4. Last few “I love you, Auntie” picture text messages from MommaG


Every Wednesday my Mom watches Kenzlee and I get to join in on the fun through pictures. They usually involve two amazing things: my niece and my horse.

I’m looking forward to being able to physically join the fun. But they are definitely a sparkle in my week. 🙂


I planned on going grocery shopping, again. I made the list and planned it all out. I only have one egg left and no greek yogurt. Translated, that means breakfast is kind of non-existent. I live for breakfast so this is a problem.

I was cruising around and found this recipe and decided that I really didn’t want to get in my car after all. And I have “enough” of the ingredients to get by one more day.

And then I saw this in my refrigerator:

There’s only 2 left. And since I’m in the spirit of counting my lasts, I decided to celebrate. Celebrate what? Counting my lasts, duh.

And then grocery shopping was canceled.

Thanks to Jillian Michaels, I can barely walk. James told me that I was walking as if I needed to go to the bathroom — except in slightly more visual terms. Sore on so many levels it’s embarrassing.

Jillian Michaels kicked my ass. And I’m a CrossFitter (ex-CrossFitter these days). And I’m well aware of how this makes me look: lame. 

So I grabbed the beer, put my PJ’s on, bought a new book on my Kindle and I’m calling it a night.

Although this chapter at BOLC is ending, I’m happy to say goodbye. I’ll miss the gorgeous Arizona mountains. I’ll miss my rental car. And I’ll miss my weekend get-away’s. But that’s the way things go. All good (and bad) things must come to an end.

As I count my “last’s,” I’m keeping a positive outlook. I feel that I was blessed with the opportunity to become an intel officer. And I feel happy that I was able to train in Arizona over the winter. As many bad things have happened within my class (mostly frustrations), I’m thankful for the opportunity and the experiences.

And… Jillian Michaels, I’ll be back at it tomorrow, but for now…thank goodness for ibuprofen.

XO – Paisley

Army Thoughts

Today is proof that working out makes everything better in my life. Fact.

Mood. Energy. Happiness. All good stuff.

Today’s Army PT workout:

5 rounds:

  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 tricep dips
  • Run 1/3 mile

It was awesome. Except for the fact that I can barely do pull ups nowadays. But I’ll get them back in a few weeks when I start doing CrossFit regularly again. (EEEEE!!! 🙂 ) No worries over here!


My computer in class refused to allow me to access anything (powerpoint/Microsoft word) so there was a lot of hanging around for me. The techy-experts were in trying to figure it out which took roughly 3 hours. awesome. I love sitting around with nothing to do.

Frustration city.



Crock pot pork and brussels 😀 with tomatoes, goat cheese, olive mix (MommaG would be proud), arugula and goddess dressing. Couldn’t finish it. Couldn’t finish my oats this morning either. Food is uninteresting lately. (Not to mention, I’m so sick of these hideous plates/bowls. 2. more. weeks.)


Clean eats all over the place. Miss Jillian must be inspiring me. Or something? Or… Maybe that cute new bathing suit I got a few weeks ago?


Calves = tight, firey knots. Therefore, 6 miles was out of the question. Jillian took care of me. I was a sweaty mess after her little 20 minute workout. No wonder those ‘big loosers’ lose so much weight. She’s fantastic. I’m definitely a fan considering after the workout was done, I turned it off and flipped Glee on! At-home workouts may be a new thing for me. Me likey.

My Dad is cool. Like this is news to anyone. He sent me this picture:

I got those for him for Christmas. 54-years-old, does CrossFit AND stylish? Abso-freakin-lutely. Mom wears TOMS. And they wonder why I’m a shoe-addict. weird.

I want to cut my hair. Like, real bad… and be blonde again, like this:

But I don’t have the balls to do it. It’s taken me 3 years to grow out my hair. Then again… it’s super thin and damaged so why is it long, anyways?

Dancing at the wedding last weekend:

Darren and I are top left… I kinda love this picture.

Something to do/read:

Grocery lists of WHOLE FOOD and a workout you can do on a bench or chair!



Monday Link Lovin’

Happy Monday!!

Yesterday I miraculously made it through the 2 hour drive without vomiting. Motion sickness was at it’s finest. The amount of wine I drank the night before had absolutely nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

MommaG and I planned on leaving for the airport around 3:30pm. Somehow our nails made it to the top of the priority list. And then purchasing Dramamine. And then getting a smoothie. Needless to say, this chick was RUNNING through the Sacramento airport, barefoot.

I kid you not.

I cut everyone in the security line, grabbed my big ass bag and sprinted to the gate, shoes in hand. There was not enough time to slip my shoes on. Obviously. I was horrified. I was the last to board, but I made it. Barely.

The lady at the gate said, “Oh look! Our runner is here!” Good thing I’ve been doing some speed work…

But hey, my nails are pretty, yeah?


I’m about as Army diva as I can get right now. So pushing the limits.

The flight(s) back to Tucson were considerably better than the flight to Sacramento. Maybe the Dramamine had something to do with it? Or the lack of turbulence and screaming children? Maybe.

Or the fact that I was in the “A” group? This never, ever, ever happens. I kept looking at it to check if I was hallucinating. No way. I get to PICK my seat today?


On the drive home I was thinking about all the happiness I have in my life. Sometimes while I’m here in AZ I forget about how MUCH I have waiting for me at home. The people who make all this craziness worth it. This weekend was exactly what I needed to re-charge for the next 2ish weeks. I do have friends. I do have family. And they’re freaking awesome.

I got home around 10:30 and went straight to bed. Monday started with some “Indian” runs: intermittent sprints as a group. We haven’t been running all that much lately so I was a happy camper.

My friend Caity posts a “Links You’ll Love” post every week. And I LOVE them. I get new ideas and inspiration for the things that matter in my life: health, fitness and fashion. Today I’m doing lots of links because I think there’s something to be said about all the awesome resources we have right at our fingertips (pun intended, duh).

I also had a lot of free time in class this morning, therefore fitness research was happening full force.

Fitness Plan:

Mon: 22 min elliptical & Fitnessista Ab burner

Tues: 6 miles

Wed: HIIT treadmill workout (30 mins) & Tone it up: arms

Thurs: 6 miles & Sexy Legs

Fri: Full Body Fun & Plain Jane Intervals (going to TRY, at least)

Sat: The Anywhere Workout & 10 miles

Sun: Rest aka: 24 hour duty shift. FML.

I’m really excited that MOD D is over because now, maybe, I’ll have time to get into the gym at night. Gym time = happier Hayley.

Additional reading:

For the record, I actually did read these articles. And then took the time to copy/paste the link into my own blog. Obviously they’re awesome.

Elliptical Workouts For All Levels

Hysterical parts of The Bloggess’ new book

New blog find! Awesome fitness/workout stuff!

Emotional re-cap of a girl who ran the Boston Marathon

Yesterday I was talking to my dad about CrossFit, because it’s kind of our “thing” and I was telling him about all the stuff I’ve been able to read/learn about now that I’ve graduated college (and not having to do homework). It’s fun to finally be able to and/or not feel guilty about reading the stuff that interests me. It’s amazing how much you can learn. So… take a break from reading all those scholarly novels and history books and have some “fun” reading time! It’s still learning, I promise.


I did my planned elliptical HIIT workout and it was awesome! The machine couldn’t keep up with my heart rate. It kept blinking as if to say “you’re heart is going to explode! STOP!” — yet the whole thing was only 22 minutes!!

Afterwards I did some Target “shopping”… Almost all of the fitness DVD’s were on sale! I snagged Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” because I read a review on it… and it was only $9! I figure I could pop this in on those nights I don’t feel like driving to the gym.


Got some groceries and a package pre-made sushi. Desperate times called for it. I seriously had oatmeal for lunch today. And I’m not okay with that when it’s my only option. I need protein, as in animal — protein powder can only do so much.

Time to food prep and get to bed. Hope your Monday was great!



There’s a reason…

Why would someone spend over $20 on a pair of workout pants? You’re just going to sweat in them.

Why would someone spend over $60 on a pair of workout pants? Because they motivate me.

Last night, I was just going to unpack my bag (yes, still packed from the weekend) and go to bed… But then I saw all my Lululemon. And then I really wanted to put it on. And then I wanted to go running. And so I did.


There’s a reason people set the bar high. There’s a reason they push you. That reason is to see you succeed, learn and do better than you thought possible. That pushy-ness has been happening this week. I’ve been pushed farther than I feel comfortable with. Mentally.

For all you incoming or current BOLC students… MOD D is no joke. For me, that is. I don’t even feel like going to the gym when I get out of class. That is so not me. All I feel like doing is going home and staring at a wall. Almost. It is so draining.

But… there’s a reason I’m such a positive person. I’m hunting the good stuff tonight. I’m grateful for this week because I’ve been able to see my potential. I’m able to see all that I’ve learned over the last few months go into effect. My class is at the “run” phase and it feels great looking back at what we’ve accomplished.

Yes I only get about 10 minutes to shovel food down at lunch time. And yes I’m exhausted. And yes I can. not. wait. for the weekend to be here. But isn’t the whole point of me being here to learn and train? Well, Army, you sure got your money’s worth this week cause this soldier is trained to the MAX!!

Last year, right after I became a Lieutenant, I went through a leadership course. It was challenging. I didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of my peers. Each day I was forced to present and/or talk about something in front of them. I, along with the rest of my classmates had to do this every day. By the end of the week I had even sung SCREAMED Happy Birthday … to MYSELF in front of them. It was mortifying. My last obstacle included presenting my leadership philosophy. I had to deliver it with excitement, motivation and a sense of dedication, etc. It was a challenge.

After everyone gave their philosophies, I was presented with the award for “most improved” — yes, it was a shake-a-weight, but still. The point is, there’s a reason people set the bar high. They see potential and want us to learn, improve and overall: succeed.

I’m fortunate to have people in my life who see the potential in me. They see the possibilities and my desire to learn.

This week has taught me a lot about myself. And for that I am grateful. Even though I hate being in a classroom for 10+ hours — it doesn’t last forever. I say this all the time, “I can do anything for 5 minutes, 5 hours and/or 5 days.” This time it was 5 days. I got this.


I did laundry and packing. I got the “OK” from my instructor to leave on time tomorrow. I’ll be sure to catch my 7pm flight. I can’t wait to dance the night away and celebrate Dianna and Shane getting married! I love weddings… don’t you!?!?!


PS: I’m so happy to be back at morning PT (no more combatives). This morning we did CrossFit inspired buddy workouts… of which involved squats. Oh my, those legs are already feelin’ it. Just wait until I’m back home… it’s going to be a very steep climb getting back to where I was. Ouch! — insert LOTS of ibuprofen!

Weekend Wrap – Finally

This post is long overdue. I get that.

A brief synopsis of the last 3 days: 5am wake up, PT, shower/shove food down, class by 8am, 10 minutes to inhale lunch, leave class by 6pm (if I’m lucky), eat, sleep. I’m not even kidding. It’s the worst week of BOLC thus far. The days go by fast, but they’re a lot of work and I’m constantly rushing. I have 2 days left and I can’t wait until this part of training is over with.

Well… onto the fun stuff!!

Saturday morning I woke up to all my running stuff ready to go:


I planned on 12 miles, but only made it to 7. Ya know, sometimes you just have to say, “Okay then… today just isn’t my day.” Truthfully, my quads and hip was hurting – more than the normal “I don’t really feel like running” situation. So, I didn’t push it. I did what I could and I was fine with that.


The running trail was really pretty. I researched a trail in Phoenix that was close to the Air Force base.


It was really pretty and even had fields… that were GREEN! Phoenix is strange in that there will be random horse properties mixed into neighborhoods. That’s not really how California works. But, I did enjoy looking into everyone’s back yards and the new scenery. I just didn’t enjoy the killing pain in my hip.

At 11am I picked up MommaG!! And we went straight to the wine bar… obviously!


We walked around downtown Scottsdale for a bit and then headed to the mall… for a “teeny” bit of shopping. hehe 😀


Got shoes??


More wine at The Culinary Dropout. It’s a trend, I promise. Anytime I’m with people from home… The wine glasses start a-comin’ !


Culinary Dropout was recommended by several people. So we gave it a try. We loved people watching all the “step-fords” as we called them… Ladies in their 30s decked out in dresses, full blown make up/hair and heels… While their husbands sported jeans and a t-shirt. Interesting, right?

The restaurant was awesome. MommaG and I both agreed that we could have done without the BLARING music. We had to YELL at each other from across the table. Oh well.


These chandeliers were all over the place. I’m a sucker for a fancy lamp.


We started with some meat and cheese appetizers. Prosciutto and parmesan… (they had fancier names, but that’s what I requested — In simple food terms). The bread and olive oil was out of this world. And I mean… I’ve had some great bread before.


Dessert: salted carmel custard. Ohmygoodness. Hence the blurry picture — I was that excited about it. That’s carmel corn on the top. I felt full until the following afternoon. Ridiculousness.

The next morning was Easter Sunday! MommaG was completely enamored by the size of these cacti… I insisted on her taking a picture with one! Oh and look how freaking cute she is in her TOMS!! AHHH! love it.


On our way to church was were desperately searching for a Starbucks. The hotel didn’t offer an Easter breakfast. What’s wrong with them, right??

I got my famous oatmeal and iced coffee. Duh.


This was the church we went to. It was awesome. So glad I did my research before hand. MommaG was a big fan as well. Score!


Our only picture together from the weekend… Thanks to a random stranger.


After church we did in true Easter tradition… Bloody Mary’s. (Definitely not a tradition, but neither is Phoenix.)

Why don’t I drink these more often? They’re so darn good.


And this beast of a salad. Pesto dressing? Couscous? Holy macaroni!


Then we wandered around Tempe and found this awesome wine bar:


We sat outside and talked about dreams, nightmares, ambitions, intuitions, etc… not really. MommaG totally got hit on my 5 college dudes. It was awesome. They asked to buy her a drink. We declined. But posted on Facebook about it. I mean, after all… that’s why we all have a Facebook, right? To brag and complain?

Then we bounced over to La Grande Orange, another place that was recommended to me. And oh my gosh… Look for yourself:



Seriously people? Mom and I split an apple oatmeal cookie and each got a coffee.


Big coffee for me… and teeeeeeny coffee for MommaG. 😀


Afterwards we stopped at Sunflower Market so I could pick up some groceries for the week. And then I had to take her to the airport. We had been dreading this since before I picked her up. It was sad to say goodbye, but soo good to see her. I’m such a blessed girl to have such a wonderful Mom. I think about this often. I didn’t get to pick my parents, but wow… I would pick them over and over again if I had to.

I can’t say enough good things about my mom, but my favorite is how supportive, loving and kind she is. I hope to be 1/2 of the Mom she is one day.

And then I drove 3 hours and it was back to the daily grind…


2 more days and I get to enjoy ANOTHER weekend! Thank God for that.

Since I’ve been so busy there’s been zero working out (other than morning PT) and eating oatmeal and salads for every meal. Super exciting.

Next week I’ll be back in action. Until now, run a few miles for me — will ya?


Paisley 🙂