Army Paisley – Her Life Now

Long time no see… So over the last year I got a bunch of emails from soldiers who were getting ready to go to MIBOLC. They asked a lot of questions and also let me know how helpful this blog was. Happy to hear…. but I failed to respond because I was busy creating and then taking care of this ball of joy…


Not sure if you all knew that I was pregnant, but now you do. 


Harper – born June 24th, 2013 🙂


To say the least, it’s been crazy over here. She’s beautiful, wonderful, happy and smells like Heaven.


I’ll start posting different things about being a mom because that is now a new component to the life of Army Paisley.

Speaking of… I got promoted. I’m now a First Lieutenant. Nothing really has changed, but I just can’t mess up as much. I’ve been working on my OER for the past few weeks. That stuff is so fun. Not. It’s hard to remember all that you’ve done in the past year. Especially when you’re only at drill two days a month. Oh yeah and then add a pregnancy and a baby in the mix… Forget about it!

As for running, that has been very limited these days. If you’ve ever tried to run with a stroller you know what I mean. It’s just not the same. Baby starts crying and then you have to deal with that. Your 3 mile run just turned into 2 hours. I’m good. But, I am totally back at CrossFit. I’m pretty much sore all the time because of it. But it’s the best feeling. Well that, and just not being pregnant any more. Pregnancy blows.

Lastly… I’m also back at my civilian job. They are allowing me to exclusively work from home which is totally awesome. I’m constantly surprised at how lucky I truly am. I’m using my mom’s camera these days so I’ll start snapping more pictures of my life. I don’t know that it’s more interesting… just different. 

Keep sending me questions via email, I love hearing from all of you. 

armypaisley at gmail dot com 🙂




Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was fitness and errand-filled, per-usual!

Saturday was a catch up day. Our fridge looked very, very sad. And I needed to get out and run after being cooped up in an airplane all day on Friday. I got up and ran a quick 2 miles. And then hopped in the car to make it to the 11am yoga class.


After yoga I headed straight to the Trader of the Joes. And FILLED UP MY CART. Nothing was left behind. There is really nothing worse than opening your fridge on a Saturday morning to find a dallop of almond butter left and your only option being toast. womp. womp.

I fixed that, quickly. We won’t be hungry for at least a week…


Amidst eating, unpacking and cleaning… Annie killed her lamb chop toy. She’s getting better at tearing apart her toys now that she’s getting older. I get to follow her around and pick up all the “fluff” that she tears out of her victims. One toy destroyed means one less slipper eaten! 🙂


Annie got invited to a play date at the dog park. Our friends take their dog to this park on a weekly basis. So we joined in the fun! There were so many dogs. Annie is very much the under dog. She never instigates fights, so it was really fun watching her make friends.


We didn’t hear a peep from miss Annie for the rest of the night. She plopped herself on the couch and didn’t move until the next morning. I’d say she was a bit worn out from her park play date.


Justin and I made dinner Saturday night. He took charge of the tri-tip and I took over the sweet potatoes and rice. This was my first time cooking sweet potatoes without the foil. It was very much a success. The bottom of my oven is kind of a mess, but oh well.


All I did was scrub the outside of the potatoes under water and stick them in the oven at 400 degrees for 1 hour. Oh! But don’t forget to poke the potatoes with a fork a few times or else they’ll “explode”… 🙂

I’m planning on participating in Gina’s Winter Shape Up… over at Sounds VERY fun and sweet prizes are involved! Check it out…

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

XO – Army Paisley


San Jose Refresh

Ever had one of those days where you just feel like pouting?

Maybe you shattered your brand new phone?


And then you went to go see if you could get it fixed… and learned that it would cost you another $200, minimum.

And then things start to turn around…

Boyfriend tells you that he might be able to fix your screen for $28.66.

Instead of wallowing in my frustration, I put on my walking shoes. (And a VERY colorful ensemble.)


While on this walk, I started thinking…


Because that’s what people do on walks: think. I really do love San Jose. I do. And I got to thinking of all the great things about living in the bay area.

Bay Area Greatness:

  1. The landscape is beautiful. There are so many trees, green grass and TONS of flowers. Just walking around my neighborhood is gorgeous.
  2. Amazing running territory. There are so many places to run — places that I’ve yet to explore.
  3. San Jose is only 30 minutes from the beach. Enough said.
  4. Beautiful people. Tons of fun restaurants and bars filled with young professionals. I like pretty scenery.
  5. Not too far from my family. I can drive home (parents house) if I need to. But far enough to be “away.”
When I got home from my walk, I was feeling happy, energetic and ready to cook something!
A few weeks ago I bought a tub of Trader Joe’s Chicken Curry Salad. It was delicious. I put it on salads and had to pry myself away from eating the entire tub in one sitting. Last night I went on a hunt for a similar recipe, this is what I found:


It was delicious. I did my own rendition, of course.


MY Chicken Salad:

  1. Dump drained chicken in with mayo, TONS of curry, garlic powder and pepper.
  2. Add big scoop of almond butter.
  3. Throw in a 1/2 cup of trail mix.
  4. Mix, enjoy!
With all this fresh air, I was inspired to do some cleaning too…


Okay, maybe not cleaning, but definitely soaking. This silver/grey wristlet is great, but gets SUPER dirty, fast. A little dish soap and elbow grease should do the trick!

Later, I whipped up a very, very green smoothie.


In the mix: coconut water, coconut milk, frozen kale, frozen banana and vanilla. Cold and refreshing — hit the spot!

I went to bed feeling happy and refreshed. All it took was a walk and a self pep talk. It’s amazing… all those studies done by doctors — well, they actually know what they’re talking about! Fresh air and exercise is the perfect medicine for the mind.

Have you ever had a day where exercise made all the difference? Was it just a funky mood?

I know that exercise makes me feel better, yet sometimes the hardest part is simply putting on my running shorts!



Writing, Planning, Running

Hey guys!! How was your weekend?? Mine was great! To help start your weekend with a ‘feel good’ story, read about Jenna’s book signing.

I dream of one day writing a book. I was borderline tears reading through her post. It’s exciting to read about other’s success.

On to another kind of success… I’ve been planning for marathon training! It quickly snuck up on me… Nike Women’s Marathon is October 14th!! So exciting! Today I bought a whiteboard calendar in order to help me map out all my runs. I used Tina’s marathon training guide. I’m trying something different than I used to use for my half marathons. We’ll see how it goes. But I like that it’s less running which will allow for more CrossFit.

When I first start planning a training program, I have to physically write it all down in my paper planner.

After that I add it to my google calendar. That way the reminders will pop up on my phone. For this training, I asked Justin to join me on his bike for the longer runs. I think it will help to have a buddy… Besides carrying my water and Gu for me. 😉

With all this planning and training, I’m starting to clean up my eats!

Last Night:

I did a fridge/pantry sweep and chopped up the rest of the sweet potatoes and threw them in the oven.


With some Coconut Oil, garlic and pepper. Oh how I’ve MISSED coconut oil!!!


I also used the can of Mole that I had bought back in Arizona — and made a pot of Chicken Mole. Holy-Mole-YUM.


The Mole remained un-used because I could never get the darn top off!! I got too frustrated and just stabbed it. A little aggressive… but hey, it worked, right??


After my “Run 5 Miles” calendar alarm went off… I decided to put it in gear. And I ran the full 5. I think I might just be getting over this non-running rut I’ve been in.

And then the green smoothie was born….


Frozen banana, frozen kale, coconut milk, ground flax seed and protein powder.

I spent the rest of the evening enjoying a few episodes of Grey’s anatomy, laundry, foam rolling and a glass of Riesling.


What races do you have planned this summer?

I’m doing the NWM, but thinking of adding another 1/2 Marathon into the mix.




Yesterday, Dianna and I finally found the time to get together for coffee. By 10:00, I couldn’t wait any longer… and had to snag an iced coffee and bran muffin.


This coffee cup she got me was VERY fitting.


I felt like I was intruding on the mommy-n-me day at Peet’s though. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many children in a coffee shop in my entire life. None of them ran into me, or hit me, so it was a good time.

In true Dianna fashion, she got me a big goodie bag filled with all work-related items. These sticky notes are my favorite!


And I LOVE that everyone knows of my bird/owl obsession. Most of you have seen my bird tattoo, but I also love owls because they are the Chi Omega symbol. And they’re stinkin’ cute!!


I’m thankful for my friendship with Dianna. I’m glad that no matter what, I always fit into her “season” of life. Married, babies, hard times, good time, busy times… isn’t that the point of being friends? Fitting each other into LIFE… because they’re important to you? Am I alone on an island here?

We also took a stroll down to Anthropologie. Dianna bought the same candle that I got my mom for Mother’s Day. Why yes, I DO have great taste!

I spent the rest of the day with my brother. Unfortunately no pictures were taken. We snagged his golf clubs from storage and rocked out to Rack City with the beetle top down. Perfect Tuesday?

Whey Jay-Bob got off work, we headed to the local driving range… Instead of doing what we planned… driving, we played a game of snag golf.


It’s a mix of mini golfing and regular golfing. AKA: a really good time. The clubs are giant. And you hit a golf-ball-replica tennis ball. It’s supposed to help your game at golf… Jay said that it was pretty hard, so I’m assuming that was the case. Don’t judge my perfect golfing form. I know I’m going pro any day now.


I on the other hand, had a blast no matter what… Improve my golf game? Eh… “Snag Golf” includes the word “golf” — therefore, I’m a HAPPY camper!


Jay’s perfect form…



And the balls are velcro so they “STICK” to the yellow things when you make a shot.


After a game of snag golf, we ran 3.5 miles all around Newcastle. We almost got eaten by several dogs AND hit by idiotic drivers who think it’s a good idea to SPEED UP when passing runners. But we made it home — alive.

Dinner at the local italian restaurant: Tre Pazzi Trattoria. They close at 9pm and were more than happy to accomodate us — even though we got there at 9!!


Red for him, white for me.


We split the tortellini and chicken.


I’m never disappointed when I eat there. The servers are always personable, helpful and kind. And the food is out of this world!

My work schedule was changed. WOOOOO!!!! So… now I’ll be attending the infamous “Houseboats 2012” with this cray-cray:


Today is nike workouts, laundry and copious amounts of Grey’s Anatomy. Duh.


Happy Hump-Day!



The Lake is Baaaack!

The other day I was tasked with a mission: Find white bedding.


Instead of leaving the store with bedding… we left with pillows. Go figure.


And an evening at the lake. Bedding can wait, right?


Ever been pillow shopping? I have a few times. And I’m convinced that the only way to truly find the right fit is to just lay on the ground and see for yourself! And if anyone looks at you like a weirdo… they’ll quickly understand the necessity of trying it before you buy!


After 10 glorious, much needed hours of sleep, I rounded up the running gear.


And headed out for a 4 mile run around my town. It was only 60-ish degrees which was perfect running weather. It’s been so hot here all last week, I was grateful for the change of temperature.


G.I. Jane and I decided that a lake day was much over-due. Ice tea and rainbows? Looks like a perfect afternoon.


We looked at the lake from the shore. Way too chilly to swim.



When I got home I did one of Jillian’s workouts. Since I’m in limbo with my whole living situation, I can’t commit to a full month of crossfit. Therefore, at-home workouts and running are still on my agenda. Well, with the occasional class…


Jillian kicked my butt, as usual. But I was excited because I got to use REAL hand weights… instead of water bottles. I’m so moving up in the world.

I also finally had internet connection ans was able to purchase the Nike Training Club app. I’ve been wanting it for months now and just never got around to it!


Tonight MommaG and I got frozen yogurt. Delish!!

Tomorrow I’ll finally get to go see/ride my horse Benson!! Miss that guy like crazy!



Something to read: Don’t have “time” for a workout? Great tips on how to find/make time.

Warrior Dash 2012

Saturday AM = CrossFit Works in Tucson

Um hi sexy coach Chris. And hi bad ass gym. Why didn’t I come here sooner!?!? ugggggg! It was so much fun! I was there for 2 hours. “Okaaaay. Now we’re going to do cleans. Okay now we’re going to do a ‘test’. Okay now go run 800 meters. Tired yet?”

I’m beyond sore. But I think I’m just weak because I seem to ALWAYS be sore these days.

But yah, CrossFit Works is fantastic. And it’d definitely be my box if I lived in Tucson. But I don’t, so at least I got to enjoy it ONCE while I was here. A great way to finish off my glorious Tucson weekends.

After CrossFit I checked into my hotel, showered and went out to do what I do best… shop. I needed to make a special trip to Trader Joe’s for Ryan. I mean, the guy is fighting a war in Afghanistan. It’s the least I could do.


I’m still LOVING my hair. And finally got to wear my new yellow shirt that I got in Phoenix with my mom.

I also saw Safe House, the movie. With Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Um… hello sexy man!

Yes. Please.

Sunday Morning = Warrior Dash!!

As every good morning does, it started with a coffee.


And running clothes. I stuck with black. It tends to do better in the mud… ha.


If you look really close, you can see my “CrossFit hickey’s” from the barbell. OUCH.

After some minor navigation issues, Philip and I made it to the race. Barely!

The run was a blast. There was a TON of obstacles. And everyone around us was having a really great time. I loved the energy and motivation. The costumes were fun too!

After crawling though 2 feet of mud… my shoes had seen better days. I was perplexed. To throw away, or not. I decided to chuck them. I added to this monstrous pile! Gross, right?


And so it was… hot and muddy.


Warrior Dash was awesome. They might of had me at “free beer” — but the mud was fun too.


After being pressure washed by fire hoses. Literally. We paid a visit to my favorite, In N Out. And yeah… I ate the WHOLE bun. Kill me.


Super cool souvenir… a wrist band. It’s like I went to a club.


And the shirt is awesome!!


Now I’m putting together the Afghanistan packages.


And eating copious amounts of cookie butter.


Because it tastes like cookies. And butter. And my goal is to be 200 lbs. Obviously.


Because I’ve heard that I’m “0% body fat. And one big muscle with twigs for arms.” Love ya too, bullies!

Mud runs are a blast. But it’s not so fun digging mud out of unspeakable locations. And wringing mud out of your Lululemon shorts… yah I just cringed a little bit too.


Muddy Paisley

There’s a reason…

Why would someone spend over $20 on a pair of workout pants? You’re just going to sweat in them.

Why would someone spend over $60 on a pair of workout pants? Because they motivate me.

Last night, I was just going to unpack my bag (yes, still packed from the weekend) and go to bed… But then I saw all my Lululemon. And then I really wanted to put it on. And then I wanted to go running. And so I did.


There’s a reason people set the bar high. There’s a reason they push you. That reason is to see you succeed, learn and do better than you thought possible. That pushy-ness has been happening this week. I’ve been pushed farther than I feel comfortable with. Mentally.

For all you incoming or current BOLC students… MOD D is no joke. For me, that is. I don’t even feel like going to the gym when I get out of class. That is so not me. All I feel like doing is going home and staring at a wall. Almost. It is so draining.

But… there’s a reason I’m such a positive person. I’m hunting the good stuff tonight. I’m grateful for this week because I’ve been able to see my potential. I’m able to see all that I’ve learned over the last few months go into effect. My class is at the “run” phase and it feels great looking back at what we’ve accomplished.

Yes I only get about 10 minutes to shovel food down at lunch time. And yes I’m exhausted. And yes I can. not. wait. for the weekend to be here. But isn’t the whole point of me being here to learn and train? Well, Army, you sure got your money’s worth this week cause this soldier is trained to the MAX!!

Last year, right after I became a Lieutenant, I went through a leadership course. It was challenging. I didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of my peers. Each day I was forced to present and/or talk about something in front of them. I, along with the rest of my classmates had to do this every day. By the end of the week I had even sung SCREAMED Happy Birthday … to MYSELF in front of them. It was mortifying. My last obstacle included presenting my leadership philosophy. I had to deliver it with excitement, motivation and a sense of dedication, etc. It was a challenge.

After everyone gave their philosophies, I was presented with the award for “most improved” — yes, it was a shake-a-weight, but still. The point is, there’s a reason people set the bar high. They see potential and want us to learn, improve and overall: succeed.

I’m fortunate to have people in my life who see the potential in me. They see the possibilities and my desire to learn.

This week has taught me a lot about myself. And for that I am grateful. Even though I hate being in a classroom for 10+ hours — it doesn’t last forever. I say this all the time, “I can do anything for 5 minutes, 5 hours and/or 5 days.” This time it was 5 days. I got this.


I did laundry and packing. I got the “OK” from my instructor to leave on time tomorrow. I’ll be sure to catch my 7pm flight. I can’t wait to dance the night away and celebrate Dianna and Shane getting married! I love weddings… don’t you!?!?!


PS: I’m so happy to be back at morning PT (no more combatives). This morning we did CrossFit inspired buddy workouts… of which involved squats. Oh my, those legs are already feelin’ it. Just wait until I’m back home… it’s going to be a very steep climb getting back to where I was. Ouch! — insert LOTS of ibuprofen!

Weekend Wrap – Finally

This post is long overdue. I get that.

A brief synopsis of the last 3 days: 5am wake up, PT, shower/shove food down, class by 8am, 10 minutes to inhale lunch, leave class by 6pm (if I’m lucky), eat, sleep. I’m not even kidding. It’s the worst week of BOLC thus far. The days go by fast, but they’re a lot of work and I’m constantly rushing. I have 2 days left and I can’t wait until this part of training is over with.

Well… onto the fun stuff!!

Saturday morning I woke up to all my running stuff ready to go:


I planned on 12 miles, but only made it to 7. Ya know, sometimes you just have to say, “Okay then… today just isn’t my day.” Truthfully, my quads and hip was hurting – more than the normal “I don’t really feel like running” situation. So, I didn’t push it. I did what I could and I was fine with that.


The running trail was really pretty. I researched a trail in Phoenix that was close to the Air Force base.


It was really pretty and even had fields… that were GREEN! Phoenix is strange in that there will be random horse properties mixed into neighborhoods. That’s not really how California works. But, I did enjoy looking into everyone’s back yards and the new scenery. I just didn’t enjoy the killing pain in my hip.

At 11am I picked up MommaG!! And we went straight to the wine bar… obviously!


We walked around downtown Scottsdale for a bit and then headed to the mall… for a “teeny” bit of shopping. hehe 😀


Got shoes??


More wine at The Culinary Dropout. It’s a trend, I promise. Anytime I’m with people from home… The wine glasses start a-comin’ !


Culinary Dropout was recommended by several people. So we gave it a try. We loved people watching all the “step-fords” as we called them… Ladies in their 30s decked out in dresses, full blown make up/hair and heels… While their husbands sported jeans and a t-shirt. Interesting, right?

The restaurant was awesome. MommaG and I both agreed that we could have done without the BLARING music. We had to YELL at each other from across the table. Oh well.


These chandeliers were all over the place. I’m a sucker for a fancy lamp.


We started with some meat and cheese appetizers. Prosciutto and parmesan… (they had fancier names, but that’s what I requested — In simple food terms). The bread and olive oil was out of this world. And I mean… I’ve had some great bread before.


Dessert: salted carmel custard. Ohmygoodness. Hence the blurry picture — I was that excited about it. That’s carmel corn on the top. I felt full until the following afternoon. Ridiculousness.

The next morning was Easter Sunday! MommaG was completely enamored by the size of these cacti… I insisted on her taking a picture with one! Oh and look how freaking cute she is in her TOMS!! AHHH! love it.


On our way to church was were desperately searching for a Starbucks. The hotel didn’t offer an Easter breakfast. What’s wrong with them, right??

I got my famous oatmeal and iced coffee. Duh.


This was the church we went to. It was awesome. So glad I did my research before hand. MommaG was a big fan as well. Score!


Our only picture together from the weekend… Thanks to a random stranger.


After church we did in true Easter tradition… Bloody Mary’s. (Definitely not a tradition, but neither is Phoenix.)

Why don’t I drink these more often? They’re so darn good.


And this beast of a salad. Pesto dressing? Couscous? Holy macaroni!


Then we wandered around Tempe and found this awesome wine bar:


We sat outside and talked about dreams, nightmares, ambitions, intuitions, etc… not really. MommaG totally got hit on my 5 college dudes. It was awesome. They asked to buy her a drink. We declined. But posted on Facebook about it. I mean, after all… that’s why we all have a Facebook, right? To brag and complain?

Then we bounced over to La Grande Orange, another place that was recommended to me. And oh my gosh… Look for yourself:



Seriously people? Mom and I split an apple oatmeal cookie and each got a coffee.


Big coffee for me… and teeeeeeny coffee for MommaG. 😀


Afterwards we stopped at Sunflower Market so I could pick up some groceries for the week. And then I had to take her to the airport. We had been dreading this since before I picked her up. It was sad to say goodbye, but soo good to see her. I’m such a blessed girl to have such a wonderful Mom. I think about this often. I didn’t get to pick my parents, but wow… I would pick them over and over again if I had to.

I can’t say enough good things about my mom, but my favorite is how supportive, loving and kind she is. I hope to be 1/2 of the Mom she is one day.

And then I drove 3 hours and it was back to the daily grind…


2 more days and I get to enjoy ANOTHER weekend! Thank God for that.

Since I’ve been so busy there’s been zero working out (other than morning PT) and eating oatmeal and salads for every meal. Super exciting.

Next week I’ll be back in action. Until now, run a few miles for me — will ya?


Paisley 🙂

Almost seniors! Gluten-Free too!


– I wish I could tell you guys what I’ve been doing in class, but it’s a secret. Literally. But I’m learning how to do my job as if I were deployed. Like the real deal. It’s a lot of fun. But also kind of nerve-wracking because it makes you really think about what your doing… and how it could affect people. Good stuff.

– The class ahead of me graduates next week. Do you know what this means?!?! My BOLC class will move into the SENIOR status!! squeeeeeee! We’re the big kids now. We stand at the very far end of the formation: the place I dreamed of standing since I’ve been here! It means you’re the farthest along, aka: the closest to graduating! wow. exciting, much?

– Now that’s it’s April the hotel is allowing us to use the air conditioning. But not the heat. Go figure. Um, hi… it’s still 40 degrees over here!! Arizona can never just pick a temperature. Why you gotta jump all around!?!? Good thing I didn’t send off ALL my winter clothes!! And thank goodness for long HOT showers to singe my skin off.

– If you run enough miles, you’ll lose weight. I promise you this.


Combatives was the worst. I would say the worst MI BOLC has had thus far. Let’s just say it was complete, utter, ridiculous insanity. 2 people with dislocated shoulders, bruises, tears, scratches, and the list goes on. Apparently safety was not the main concern this morning. Everyone is thoroughly ticked. Including myself.

A female officer got in my face. I, in true Hayley fashion… got right back in hers. I don’t care what rank you are, there’s a time and a place for that kind of behavior. And this morning. Well, it was NOT the time. This particular person will no longer be instructing combatives. Thank you for your service. And have a nice day. Buh-bye.



Did you know that I’m a Chi Omega? Funny story. I’m a sorority girl. The proofs finally came (from last year). Fun stuff.

I never talked about all the fun stuff I found at Sunflower Market last weekend. I thought I’d share because of a gluten conversation I had with Ryan. He said that gluten bothers him too and was asking about some of the stuff I eat… So here we go.


Of course I’ll start with the sugar. Dark Chocolate and PB mixed together? You had me at Justin’s…


These are new to me. They’re good, but not gluten free. VitaTops (muffin tops + vitamins) I do think one of their flavors is GF because I didn’t realize they weren’t until I got home. Hm. That’s weird. I could have sworn they were. But, they have a ton of vitamins and they’re an easy snack. I’m a fan.


Brown rice tortillas. Haven’t tried yet. But… I finally found them! They were in the freezer section, go figure!


These I got last week but I’m all about putting them in my oatmeal in the morning. They add extra sweetness and they’re my favorite fruit (except watermelon)… it’s a win/win. Oh and they don’t rot in your fridge. I’m notorious for letting things go bad, especially because I usually go on fruit-buying-rampages. I can’t help it. Fruit is just so exciting.


Gluten free granola. This is better than the one from Trader Joes.


Almond crackers!?! Say it ain’t so! These are really good. And they come in a TON of different flavors. I chose Hazelnut, because it reminded me of Nutella. I threw a few of these on my salad for lunch today — so. good.


This oatmeal is a huge hit. I’d eat it for every meal if I could. Well, I mean… if that was appropriate. If you do eat oatmeal for every meal, more power to ya! I like this oatmeal better than regular “gluten” oatmeal. You must try it.

Through blogging/education/everything I’m beginning to learn what works for me. I listen to my body. It’s hard to do. Mostly because I don’t always know the signs/symptoms. But… My body does better on some carbohydrates. Minimal gluten. High protein. I mix in veggies and fruits and fats… I try and stay as balanced as possible. And eat lots of whole foods. Portion control and limitations are definitely necessary for me. I’m a bit over-indulgent at times. But I’m finding what works for ME and that’s the most important thing!! Diets, what you should/shouldn’t eat and all that jazz isn’t a do-all solution. Experimenting helps. One way of eating/exercising doesn’t work for every single person. 

Like for me… running WORKS for me. For my sister Shannon… not so much. Every body is different. Thankfully!!

LOOK! My compression socks came!!


Aren’t they preeeety!?!? A little bright for my taste, but fun, right!?


In conjunction with my whole “Listen to my body” campaign… I went out to the track tonight. I wanted to try out my new socks, but didn’t want to look silly in front of everyone at the gym. omg… what is that girl wearing? are those YELLOW socks?


So, track it was! I chatted with Nadine for the first mile. I had to tell her my Army Barbie drama. And then I ran 2 miles. I really planned on 5. But sometimes I don’t always follow through with my plans. Oh well.

I figure that since I wake up at 4am, it’s okay to skimp out on some of my workouts. I’ll catch up another day. My body said no more and I listened.