My job is really cool. Everyday I get to learn about awesome companies that make/sell really cool stuff… Like these beer brewing books. The company, “More Flavor!” sells items to help people brew their own beer, make their own wine and roast their own coffee. How cool, right!?!

Earlier that day I met with an owner who makes coffee that helps you burn fat… WHAT!?!? I’m sorry… but when it comes to coffee, this girl needs her half & half, sugar and everything in between… Nothing about my coffee is fat burning. But still a cool idea!!

I also get to eat with my managers at Panera. Have you tried their green tea? It’s amazing. I forgot how much I loved it until today.



After work I had great intentions of going to CrossFit, but those were shattered when I thought of making coconut chicken for dinner.

And even more so when I decided to venture out to find Sunflower Market in San Jose.

Welp…. I found it!



And they totally have shredded coconut…win!



CrossFit dreams were also shattered by the thought that I NEED to find better work shoes… the tootsies are KILLING me. And yes the caps are completely necessary. Try walking around outside, all day in heels… sore feet much?



I tried on five pairs. Of course I chose the Michael Kors. I asked the sales girl, “Now are you sure these are real leather?” Her response… “Um, they’re Michael Kors.” Enough said.



They weren’t crazy expensive, but they were crazy comfortable. Sometimes you just gotta spend a little more for better quality. I’m hoping that these will be my “every day” shoes. One of my managers told me that she gets one pair, breaks them in and then just wears them every day… we’ll see how that goes. I’m not really a fan of wearing the same pair of shoes every single day. But I’m going to try it. If it means happy feet, then I’m a happer girl.

Never put pop chips on the top of your grocery bag. And never put the grocery bag in the passenger seat on the way home at 7pm. You’re bound to eat the entire bag.



Not only were my CrossFit dreams shattered, but so were my coconut chicken dreams. Pop chips and new shoes won tonight.



That’s okay. There’s always room for a glass of wine and feet propped up in this house.



Plus, yesterday’s workout was ridiculously hard… We’re talking almost 40 minutes. In the land of CrossFit, that’s like a full-blown marathon.

  • 5 Rounds:
  1. 5 deadlifts (155lbs)
  2. 1 minute plank
  3. 50 double unders
  4. 20 wall balls (14lbs)
  5. run to trail head (400m)

End result: my calves are killing me!!!




Baby Steps

Yesterday I got to spend some time with this munchkin!


Love that kid. She’s a ball of fire, that’s for sure… But, put her in the car and sleep isĀ inevitable…


I also made my way to yoga. It had been over 5 months. Oh my gosh I’ve missed it so much. I can hardly wait to go back!

This morning was too windy to ride. šŸ˜¦ I had to be back in San Jose by 2:30. I left a litte early so I could check out the mall which is across the street from my (new!) company office.

I went straight to Banana. Turns out they were having a sale… I got 40% off everything I bought. SCORE!


I’m wearing this shirt. I made sure to get stuff that’s really versatile. Stuff that I can mix and match with each other to create different outfits. I have a lot of “business casual” clothes… but it’s all really old and kind of trendy. I wanted some classics that I can build on later.

And I wore my hair curly for the first time today — well, since I cut it. And I like it way better than I expected. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to wear it both ways. When I first cut my hair short a few years ago… I was dealing with a fro, to say the least. My hair is thinner than it used to be, much more manageable.

The Banana “stylists” were having a blast with me. “Oh try this… how about THIS. Oh and THIS is to die for…” I bet they were a little peeved when I only left with whites/greys/creams… Sorry girls, this girl can’t rock the BRIGHT purple and TEAL… even though it’s your “newest collection”…

And then I headed over to my appointment. And waited. Got some New Yorker reading in.


Something I’m still in love with… TOMS. I was slow to jump on this bandwagon, but boy am I on board now! I even own the wedges… SHH, don’t tell Dianna!


I met a few prospective room mates and then headed back home. I’ve spent roughly 7 hours in the car today. Can’t say that I’m loving all this driving. But, there’s a means to an end. Soon enough I’ll be all settled. But for now, I’m just taking baby steps.

I told this to my dad tonight and he laughed, “Baby steps? Hayley, pretty sure you’re taking giant leaps!” Okay, maybe so… But still. Enjoy the process, right?



Warrior Dash 2012

Saturday AM = CrossFit Works in Tucson

Um hi sexy coach Chris. And hi bad ass gym. Why didn’t I come here sooner!?!? ugggggg! It was so much fun! I was there for 2 hours. “Okaaaay. Now we’re going to do cleans. Okay now we’re going to do a ‘test’. Okay now go run 800 meters. Tired yet?”

I’m beyond sore. But I think I’m just weak because I seem to ALWAYS be sore these days.

But yah, CrossFit Works is fantastic. And it’d definitely be my box if I lived in Tucson. But I don’t, so at least I got to enjoy it ONCE while I was here. A great way to finish off my glorious Tucson weekends.

After CrossFit I checked into my hotel, showered and went out to do what I do best… shop. I needed to make a special trip to Trader Joe’s for Ryan. I mean, the guy is fighting a war in Afghanistan. It’s the least I could do.


I’m still LOVING my hair. And finally got to wear my new yellow shirt that I got in Phoenix with my mom.

I also saw Safe House, the movie. With Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Um… hello sexy man!

Yes. Please.

Sunday Morning = Warrior Dash!!

As every good morning does, it started with a coffee.


And running clothes. I stuck with black. It tends to do better in the mud… ha.


If you look really close, you can see my “CrossFit hickey’s” from the barbell. OUCH.

After some minor navigation issues, Philip and I made it to the race. Barely!

The run was a blast. There was a TON of obstacles. And everyone around us was having a really great time. I loved the energy and motivation. The costumes were fun too!

After crawling though 2 feet of mud… my shoes had seen better days. I was perplexed. To throw away, or not. I decided to chuck them. I added to thisĀ monstrousĀ pile! Gross, right?


And so it was… hot and muddy.


Warrior Dash was awesome. They might of had me at “free beer” — but the mud was fun too.


After being pressure washed by fire hoses. Literally. We paid a visit to my favorite, In N Out. And yeah… I ate the WHOLE bun. Kill me.


Super coolĀ souvenir… a wrist band. It’s like I went to a club.


And the shirt is awesome!!


Now I’m putting together the Afghanistan packages.


And eating copious amounts of cookie butter.


Because it tastes like cookies. And butter. And my goal is to be 200 lbs. Obviously.


Because I’ve heard that I’m “0% body fat. And one big muscle with twigs for arms.” Love ya too, bullies!

Mud runs are a blast. But it’s not so fun digging mud out of unspeakable locations. And wringing mud out of your Lululemon shorts… yah I just cringed a little bit too.


Muddy Paisley