Florida Days


Happy Saturday Guys! Check out the weather I got to enjoy all last week! It was a-maaaaaaaa-zing!

My company (civilian) had their annual conference in Hollywood, FL this year. It was a blast to say the least. I got to spend more time in my swim suit than I have in months. I didn’t want to come home, the weather was too nice to leave behind!!

We flew in bright and early on Tuesday morning. I had to be at the airport at 4:30 am. Yowza. It was 2 hours to Denver, then 4 hours to FL. Talk about long periods of sitting… But we finally made it. I headed straight to my room and got ready for the beach!


We stayed at the Westin Diplomat. One of the more beautiful hotels I’ve had the opportunity to stay at. Beats military hotels, that’s for sure! I didn’t have very much time, but I did grab a yogurt and fruit cup from the downstairs cafe and happily ate it while enjoying THIS view.


I loved my hotel room. Ocean view and not one, but TWO shower heads. Man am I lucky? I mean 1 shower head is so Marriott Suites. Come on.


After soaking up a few minutes of the ocean, my whole team went out to Yard House for dinner. And the games began…

After dinner we found ourselves at a karaoke bar. Ladies night… girls drink free! I wasn’t drinking so I ordered a male co-worker a drink. Little did we know, the red cups were for girls only. His drink was quickly removed from his hands. Oops. I guess they’ve probably thought about this before. Duh.


Wednesday morning I leisurely woke up and did some work on my laptop while enjoying a very full plate of granola-fruit pancakes. I thought the granola and fruit would be on the top, but I guess their cooked INTO the pancakes. Noted.


The rest of the day was spent at this beautiful pool:


This was literally a picture taken from my hotel room. Jealous?


I also managed to fit in a quick workout while I was there. It was a stretch, but we got it done.


I did this run-walk workout for about 20 minutes on the hotel treadmill. It was surprisingly effective. Exactly what I needed after a full day of traveling. Let me know how it goes if you try it!!


Thursday was a work day for us. We had several classes mapped out depending on our positions in the company. I learned some great new ideas, and was even more happy to end the afternoon soaking up the sun. (All work days should end at 3pm by the beach.) Which I is exactly what I did as soon as we were allowed to.


That evening was the awards ceremony. We got all dressed up for a jam-packed night of dinner (which was incredible!) and awards. I wore this dress that I ordered from Victoria Secrets a few weeks ago. (While I was searching for my dress, I spotted THIS DRESS… OMG, must own!) I kept packing light and just wore my Liz Claiborne marry janes. I spent too much time trying to get my hair this straight, but it was definitely worth it. Look how long it’s getting!


Our team was so excited and surprised to have TWO winners! Both of my managers won awards, we couldn’t be more happy for them! Go team Nor-Cal!! I was inspired and motivated. Worldwide Express is an amazing company, I’m looking forward to the opportunities and experiences that are yet to come my way!


It was a wonderful few days. I can’t wait to get Justin back there with me. Sunny weather in January is definitely that much more appreciated if you live in a cold place like Sacramento.


This trip reminded me again of how much I love my job and my company. It’s truly the wonderful people that make it that much more enjoyable. I’ve said this before, but God really knew what he was doing when he helped me get this job. And I couldn’t be more thankful.


Up next: Stitch Fix order came!! And January favorites will be up soon!


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