Houseboats 2K12

I’ve been MIA due to a certain kind of weekend…. Houseboats 2012!!


The weekend started on Friday morning by cramming as much crap into the car.


Houseboats was a new experience for me. The best part was people watching. Jay and I spent almost the entire time perched on the top of the boat watching all the “events.”


Houseboats is a very dangerous time. Unfortunately, 3 people actually died this year. That’s terrible. Knowing that kept me anchored to the boat and attached at the hip to this guy.


We also wrote our boat number on our arms… just in case we got lost.


I ate more hotdogs and burgers than I thought possible. I didn’t drink enough water. And I never went swimming. But we had a blast. Lake Shasta is gorgeous. I’m really glad that I allowed myself to have this experience because I never had the opportunity while I was in college.


By the end of the weekend we were dirty, tired and ready to go home.


But couldn’t help but soak in the views.


On the way home I crashed.


I can’t say that I’ll be attending Houseboats next year. It was a one-time deal for me. But, I would LOVE to plan a houseboating trip with a bunch of friends. Just… um, a little less crazy. Thanks to my Army experiences, I was able to rough the “living conditions” with minimal complaining. The worst part? Trying to sleep while 3 boats are blasting their 20′ speakers. It would be like building a house in the middle of 3 dance clubs. Talk about “boom boom.”

Tuesday I started work — officially. My college days are over. I think HB2K12 was a great way to celebrate the end of such a fun chapter.





Yesterday, Dianna and I finally found the time to get together for coffee. By 10:00, I couldn’t wait any longer… and had to snag an iced coffee and bran muffin.


This coffee cup she got me was VERY fitting.


I felt like I was intruding on the mommy-n-me day at Peet’s though. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many children in a coffee shop in my entire life. None of them ran into me, or hit me, so it was a good time.

In true Dianna fashion, she got me a big goodie bag filled with all work-related items. These sticky notes are my favorite!


And I LOVE that everyone knows of my bird/owl obsession. Most of you have seen my bird tattoo, but I also love owls because they are the Chi Omega symbol. And they’re stinkin’ cute!!


I’m thankful for my friendship with Dianna. I’m glad that no matter what, I always fit into her “season” of life. Married, babies, hard times, good time, busy times… isn’t that the point of being friends? Fitting each other into LIFE… because they’re important to you? Am I alone on an island here?

We also took a stroll down to Anthropologie. Dianna bought the same candle that I got my mom for Mother’s Day. Why yes, I DO have great taste!

I spent the rest of the day with my brother. Unfortunately no pictures were taken. We snagged his golf clubs from storage and rocked out to Rack City with the beetle top down. Perfect Tuesday?

Whey Jay-Bob got off work, we headed to the local driving range… Instead of doing what we planned… driving, we played a game of snag golf.


It’s a mix of mini golfing and regular golfing. AKA: a really good time. The clubs are giant. And you hit a golf-ball-replica tennis ball. It’s supposed to help your game at golf… Jay said that it was pretty hard, so I’m assuming that was the case. Don’t judge my perfect golfing form. I know I’m going pro any day now.


I on the other hand, had a blast no matter what… Improve my golf game? Eh… “Snag Golf” includes the word “golf” — therefore, I’m a HAPPY camper!


Jay’s perfect form…



And the balls are velcro so they “STICK” to the yellow things when you make a shot.


After a game of snag golf, we ran 3.5 miles all around Newcastle. We almost got eaten by several dogs AND hit by idiotic drivers who think it’s a good idea to SPEED UP when passing runners. But we made it home — alive.

Dinner at the local italian restaurant: Tre Pazzi Trattoria. They close at 9pm and were more than happy to accomodate us — even though we got there at 9!!


Red for him, white for me.


We split the tortellini and chicken.


I’m never disappointed when I eat there. The servers are always personable, helpful and kind. And the food is out of this world!

My work schedule was changed. WOOOOO!!!! So… now I’ll be attending the infamous “Houseboats 2012” with this cray-cray:


Today is nike workouts, laundry and copious amounts of Grey’s Anatomy. Duh.


Happy Hump-Day!



Sunday Funday

I’ve been awake since 2am so I figured I’d use all my “free” time to fill you in on my amazing Sunday.

I woke up on Sunday morning and met Dianna at church.

When I got home, Nadine texted me that she was on her way over. We attempted to lay out by the pool, frankly… it was just too darn hot! Since the Loomis Brewery was closed, along with Carpe Vino… we pulled out our good friend Google: local wineries.

And oh boy, we hit the jackpot…


“Hey Mom… wanna go do a tasting with us?”

“Uh. YES.”


We tasted all the fabulous wines from the Dono dal Cielo winery.


It was beautiful.


And we shared a bottle of their Chardonnay.




And an amazing cheese platter. Bread, brie, salami, olives, figs, almonds and cranberries… yum!


When we got home… the golf clubs came out. What can I say, we were feeling classy…


Jay taught me how to golf hit a golf ball. He was impressed with my skills. I mean, I only lost ALL the balls… but that was over the course of hours. Oh and good thing we have a pool. I used it as my “target” –.



We feasted on BBQ chicken and steak, chipotle chips and salsa, and salad. With a side of Corona and Riesling.


An absolutely perfect Sunday if you ask me.


Now it’s time for me to hop in the shower. I have my first day of work this morning. I haven’t been able to sleep. I’m nervous, but I’m also worried that my alarm won’t go off. I’ll be done by 2:30… I anticipate some serious napping for this afternoon.

Happy Monday!!



Days Like These

Do you ever look at something you have and think to yourself, “Man… I still REALLY love ______.” –?

I had that thought about my car the other day.


I was driving around, doing some errands. I got to a stop light and decided it was perfect “top down” weather. I quickly pushed the button — just in time to drive off as soon as the light turned green. And then as I was driving, I thought… I literally have every little girl’s dream car. Why would I want a new car when I have a perfectly great, no-payment, GOOD, car!?!

And then… I no longer wanted a new car. I came home and washed it. Because I love the things that I already have.

I often find myself wishing/wanting the next best thing. The “new” Lululemon tank top. Or the “new” Nike shoes. Or the “new” Michael Khors bag… it’s absolute madness! As May comes to an end (kinda)… and June begins, I’m going to name June “appreciation month.” I want to focus on the “stuff” I already have and appreciate what I have… With that, no shopping. No “new” must haves.

After washing my girly car, I made a girly lunch:


Grilled turkey burger on top of mixed greens, mushrooms, goat cheese, strawberries and goddess dressing.

Friday night my Mom and I found ourselves sharing a cheese plate… at Carpe Vino.


Somehow I’ve managed to find amazing wine bars in every town that I’m in. This one is in Auburn, my parents home town. The atmosphere is perfect with a side of country. It’s a mix of young and old with a fabulous selection of wine and food. I’ve only ever gotten their “bar food” — because I focus on the wine, of course. They even serve truffle popcorn!

Mom and I split a bottle and then J came and met us there. We then proceeded to share a few more glasses…

That night I also got a call from work. Turns out I start on Monday and not in a few weeks. I’m slightly bummed about this only because I was enjoying the relaxation time. But, it will be nice to start making money again. So I can afford purchases like beer towers.


Cause that’s normal and everything.

Saturday night I hung out with Danger. We did a pub crawl down town. We did less crawling and more pubbing if you know what I mean.


And my good friend Danielle from college came out. So good to see her! Her and the boyfriend were so happy for me about my job and were instantly offering my contacts of friends in the area. I really have the best friends.


I’m super behind on blogs, but that was part of my weekend. To be continued…



1st Ride and New Apartment

So many fun things to share!! But first… notice the difference in my breakfast?


Still oats. But now SMOOTHIES!! This one: frozen mixed berries, almond milk, cinnamon, 1 pack of oatmeal and yogurt.

The other day I “ordered” a set of Grey’s Anatomy DVD’s from my sister… and look what was waiting for me when I woke up!


4 FULL SEASONS!! [Insert the laziest Friday of ALL TIME.]



The boots went on…


And I finally got to go out and ride Benson. It was a blast. I missed that guy so much. He’s doing really well. It felt great to be around horses and be able to ride for a long time.


On my way home I stopped at Trader Joes’s for some lunch. And a delicious chocolate too!


Cookie spread… oh em gee!

As I was laying by the pool…


Attempting to watch Grey’s on my laptop (it doesn’t really work in the sun… duh)


My mom came and asked me to come down and watch K ride Latte’… This is a BIG moment in the kids’ life. I bought her cowboy boots before she was even born. You get it?

So her ride started like this… a little worried and nervous.


And quickly became this. All smiles, gripping the horn and screaming “RUN!” — kidding about the screaming part.


The kid was stoked. It was awesome. A few minutes after we took her off Latte’, she was signing (she knows baby sign language) for “more” and was pointing at the horse. I pretty much melted into a pile of mush. I love that she loves horses.


Apartment shopping!! I say that as if it’s exciting… but it was really quite frustrating. Jacqueline (my new room mate, but also my Little from Chi Omega) and I started our search early in the morning. We quickly learned how difficult it was going to be. We talked to several people, called on multiple Craigslist ads and drove all around Santa Clara and San Jose. It was exhausting. But, finally we found an awesome lady who took us under our wing.

And said the words “Willow Glen” and “HUGE closet”… and I was hooked.

Check. Out. My. Shoe. Shelves. And. Vanity. #ShoeAddictHeaven


And I have a vanity for all my jewelry… eeeee!!!!


Willow Glen is the ideal location in San Jose. It’s really clean, great neighborhoods and cute shops throughout. Totally my kind of place. And the apartment is walking distance from all of this… not to mention the amazing running routes along trail lined streets. Pretty exciting.

There’s even a wine bar (female owned) that sounds amazing. Funny how things work out perfectly when you let them. Love it when that happens.


On our way home I grabbed one of my favorites… Arizona Arnold Palmer


When I saw it, I instantly thought of summer and California — two of the greatest things these days.

On my ride home I talked to my (new) boss… I won’t be starting work for a few weeks. YAY! I was feeling so overwhelmed with all this apartment hunting, moving, etc… Feeling like I haven’t had any time to relax and just “be.” So that was really good news.

Since I was going to be driving through Sacramento, I made plans with Carlen. And of course, our date consisted of CrossFit and wine, with a side of dinner.

When I walked in the gym, Jared (coach) said, “Army Barbie!!! Look, it’s Honey B!” I love that place. I had so much fun laughing and talking with everyone there. I miss that gym so much. I love that I can go back, any day, and they’re so happy to have me. I tried to pay them for a drop in class, and they hand me a tank top. They’re amazing. Truly the model of being personal, yet professional.

Well done CrossFit Envy.


The workout:

We worked on hang cleans, then WOD:

2 Dead lift

2 Cleans

2 Toes 2 Bar

Repeat, 4,4,4 – 6,6,6 – 8,8,8 – and so on.

My forearms were shot. I kept trying to shake them out. Nothing helped, they were just screaming, “WEAK!”

Afterwards, Carlen and I headed straight to the usual…. Paesano’s… We didn’t even consider going anywhere else. Why change something that’s been so good? Paesano’s has been my favorite restaurant since I started working in Sacramento in 2007. I’ve lived there for roughly 3 years (walking distance from everything)… and it’s STILL my favorite.


We shared a bottle of Riesling and both ordered salads. I got the steak salad… because it’s amazing.

Today I’m taking full advantage of a lazy day. I’m going to watch Grey’s, read my book, workout and soak up the sun/time off.


Clearly I don’t need to be working on that running tan line… oops!



Are you reading any good books right now? What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy/day off?

Take a Load Off

Happy Tuesday!


This little guy has been loving the fact that I’m home. He’s one of those cats that need to be sleeping ON you. all. night. I’m seriously thinking about taking him when I move.

I spent a lot of today hanging out. And using my Dad’s giant TV as a clothes line. I seriously don’t understand the need for this large of a television. It must be a guy thing. I watch movies on my little laptop and it’s the perfect size for me.


I made a glorious lunch: strawberries, veggie burger and spinach ravioli’s. I’m in love with my parents george-foreman-style grill. I’m getting one when I move. It might even be cooler than my Keuirg. Almost.


And then I decided that it was time to sweat. Since I was having such a productive day. ha.


I tried out the Nike Training Club app… oh yes, totally in love with it. And it’s free!!

I did a 30 minute “toning” workout.


Look what I found at Whole Foods!! Apparently it’s about the same as a yogurt… cool! And tastes amaaaaazing!


And of course a Trader Joe’s shopping trip!


And then a big glass of wine with my mom to finish the day.


I’m totally in love with this nail polish color.


It’s perfect for summer. Lately I’ve been really into the bright coral color. This is no exception.


And now it’s Glee time!



The Lake is Baaaack!

The other day I was tasked with a mission: Find white bedding.


Instead of leaving the store with bedding… we left with pillows. Go figure.


And an evening at the lake. Bedding can wait, right?


Ever been pillow shopping? I have a few times. And I’m convinced that the only way to truly find the right fit is to just lay on the ground and see for yourself! And if anyone looks at you like a weirdo… they’ll quickly understand the necessity of trying it before you buy!


After 10 glorious, much needed hours of sleep, I rounded up the running gear.


And headed out for a 4 mile run around my town. It was only 60-ish degrees which was perfect running weather. It’s been so hot here all last week, I was grateful for the change of temperature.


G.I. Jane and I decided that a lake day was much over-due. Ice tea and rainbows? Looks like a perfect afternoon.


We looked at the lake from the shore. Way too chilly to swim.



When I got home I did one of Jillian’s workouts. Since I’m in limbo with my whole living situation, I can’t commit to a full month of crossfit. Therefore, at-home workouts and running are still on my agenda. Well, with the occasional class…


Jillian kicked my butt, as usual. But I was excited because I got to use REAL hand weights… instead of water bottles. I’m so moving up in the world.

I also finally had internet connection ans was able to purchase the Nike Training Club app. I’ve been wanting it for months now and just never got around to it!


Tonight MommaG and I got frozen yogurt. Delish!!

Tomorrow I’ll finally get to go see/ride my horse Benson!! Miss that guy like crazy!



Something to read: Don’t have “time” for a workout? Great tips on how to find/make time.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, lovely, kind, supportive, funny and beautiful Mom’s out there… Just like MINE!

We started Mom-Day at church as a family.


I’m still in disbelief over how tall my brother is. I’m wearing heels in this picture and he’s STILL so much taller than me! When did that happen!?!

After church we took a family field trip to the grocery store. This…


Turned into this…


With the help of one sexy kid.


And a little of these!! Sweet potato wedges, eee!


And home made guacamole. YUM.


All the while I snacked on strawberries and almond butter.


While also enjoying a glass of Reisling (my new favorite) with the stunning woman herself!


Dylan and I were grilling masters. It was a definite team effort. I’d check the veggies with a fork and he’d flip em’.


All that hard work turned into this magic:


So much fun to be cooking again… other than with a crock pot! And even more fun to be cooking for my Mom and as a family!

Now I’m blogging and relaxing. Enjoying this beautiful (quite hot for May) weather on the patio.


I hope your Mom-Day was filled with love, family and happiness.



Chi Omega Formal

Oh look at that… She’s still eating salads!


But these days they’re served on PRETTY plates. And eaten outside by the pool. Big improvement from a few weeks ago.

Friday was my mom’s salon 1-year anniversary party. Nadine and I could be found “steaming” my dress in the bathroom. I wasn’t quite up to par on the wrinkly end. We joked about our wedding days…


The party was fantastic. So many people. Some that I already knew from years ago and also some new faces. I’m so proud of my mama for living her dream of opening her own salon. It’s beautiful and just the way she had imagined. And wow, already a YEAR has gone by! The party was a perfect example of the salon and all the different personalities. Everyone eating and drinking — a great night to say the least.

In addition, that night included some make up by our girls over at Bare Essentials. Nadine was turned prettier than she already is! I admire make up (artists) girls. It’s true art. I told the BE girl, “Gosh, what a fun job! You get to make women feel pretty all day long!”


Speaking of pretty, check out their quote that’s posted in the store. So cool.


My sidekick and I also needed some caffeine. Thanks to Dianna, I’m really good at spotting out insane chocolates. My original favorite is the toffee chocolate from Trader Joe’s. We have ourself a new winner…


Seriously a food-gasm.

I had to leave the anniversary party early to meet up with this pretty girl!! Julie!


She invited me to go with her to Chi Omega’s formal dance. I happily accepted the offer because I was never able to go to my own formals when I was in college — mostly due to Army obligations. :/

I also go to see my Little! Look we have matching hair now!


It was soo good to see everyone!

And we had a little “mess up” with the cake… It’s supposed to say XO, not XU. haha!


The night ended in Davis with a beer. Just the way I like it. Such a fun dance. Reminded me once again how happy I am to be home.



Baby Steps

Yesterday I got to spend some time with this munchkin!


Love that kid. She’s a ball of fire, that’s for sure… But, put her in the car and sleep is inevitable…


I also made my way to yoga. It had been over 5 months. Oh my gosh I’ve missed it so much. I can hardly wait to go back!

This morning was too windy to ride. 😦 I had to be back in San Jose by 2:30. I left a litte early so I could check out the mall which is across the street from my (new!) company office.

I went straight to Banana. Turns out they were having a sale… I got 40% off everything I bought. SCORE!


I’m wearing this shirt. I made sure to get stuff that’s really versatile. Stuff that I can mix and match with each other to create different outfits. I have a lot of “business casual” clothes… but it’s all really old and kind of trendy. I wanted some classics that I can build on later.

And I wore my hair curly for the first time today — well, since I cut it. And I like it way better than I expected. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to wear it both ways. When I first cut my hair short a few years ago… I was dealing with a fro, to say the least. My hair is thinner than it used to be, much more manageable.

The Banana “stylists” were having a blast with me. “Oh try this… how about THIS. Oh and THIS is to die for…” I bet they were a little peeved when I only left with whites/greys/creams… Sorry girls, this girl can’t rock the BRIGHT purple and TEAL… even though it’s your “newest collection”…

And then I headed over to my appointment. And waited. Got some New Yorker reading in.


Something I’m still in love with… TOMS. I was slow to jump on this bandwagon, but boy am I on board now! I even own the wedges… SHH, don’t tell Dianna!


I met a few prospective room mates and then headed back home. I’ve spent roughly 7 hours in the car today. Can’t say that I’m loving all this driving. But, there’s a means to an end. Soon enough I’ll be all settled. But for now, I’m just taking baby steps.

I told this to my dad tonight and he laughed, “Baby steps? Hayley, pretty sure you’re taking giant leaps!” Okay, maybe so… But still. Enjoy the process, right?